Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Negros Independence Unheard of?

A short-lived Negros government came to being sometime in November 1898. It was 106 years ago when this government was organized run by sugar barons. Not heard of it?

Aniceto Lacson and Nov. 5 marker in Silay
Aniceto Lacson and Nov. 5 marker in Silay
PH history tells that a group of hacienderos (sugar barons) and sugar merchants in historic Negros agreed themselves to fight against the Spanish civil and religious authorities in Negros.

These group of people in Negros didn't pay much attention on the revolt led by Tagalog Katipuneros sometime in August 23, 1896. It didn't want to go with them with their local counterpart here in Negros particularly in Bais, Valladolid, La Carlota and Isabela. Instead, they wanted to go with their own to revolt against the Spanish colonizers.

Two years later, however, these hacienderos thought over to join with the Negros revolutionaries. They had planned out on how to fight the Spanish military. This so-called Negros Revolution was led by Aniceto Lacson in Talisay and Juan Araneta in Bago.

Bago ang Silay Maps
Bago ang Silay Maps

The Battle Begins (cinco de Noviembre)

Rumors about the Visayas insurrection spread like a wild fire and prompted those Spanish friars to fled to Iloilo for safety. Attempt to foil the insurgency was made by a woman from Kabankalan Norte (now Eustaquio Lopez) who confessed to Father Tomas Cornago in Silay of planned revolt a day before the actual revolt. But it's too late for the Spanish authorities to take action. The battled started the following day in the morning.

In the fateful day of November 5, 1898, the Negros Revolution against the Spanish government based in Negros commenced. A rich sugarcane planter  Aniceto Lacson led the group of Silay City and Juan Araneta of Bago City with his group of a thousand bolo-men too heading towards the capitol.

Few lives caused the battle to end the battle in November 6.

It was noted that the Spanish military surrendered after seeing an array of guns and canons carried by the Negros Katipuneros. When in fact, these revolutionaries were deficient in arms and ammunitions to stage a lengthy war against the conquerors. They're cheated by a coconut midribs used as guns and an improvised bamboo mat rolled as a cannon painted with white by the ingenuity of the Negrosanon revolutionaries.


Negros Government Organized

In November 6, Isidro de Castro, Braulio Sanz, Manuel Abenza, Ramón Armada, Emilio Monasterio and Domingo Ureta as Spanish authorities surrendered and signed a document of evidence with the Negros revolutionary forces as well.

Ensued was the constiitution formed and ratified by 47 known Negrenses like Aniceto Lacson, Juan Araneta, Simeón Linárez, Antonio L. Jayme, Eusebio Luzuriaga, Nicolas Gólez, Agustín Amenabar, Rafael Ramos and Rosendo Lacson to mention the few. Then the Negros government was formed and it lasted for three months when the American forces landed in Negros in February 2, 1899.

As of this writing, the whole Negros Occidental province is observing a special public holiday to celebrate the 106th anniversary of Negros Independence from Spanish regime.

Image credits: en.wikipedia/wiki
Reference: Negros Revolution (en.wikipedia/wiki/negros_revolution)

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