Monday, November 10, 2014

Politics In Yolanda

It is a year since the deadly super typhoon Yolanda wiped out some places in Eastern Samar and Leyte, claiming more than 6,000 persons lives and destroying crops and properties in 2013.

Super Typhoon Yolanda
Super Typhoon Yolanda
God's wrath was seemed to befall to the region of Leyte in the fateful day of November 8. Is it a curse or whatever? The gruesome scenario of streets filled with dead bodies couldn't be borne seeing them even in the national television and also in the national papers.

That's a year ago.

Survivors All Is Well?

Of course, there are survivors. How do they cope with their trying times of surviving?

Left or right, aids in any form have arrived. Houses have been built. School houses or buildings have been rebuilt. Education has been restored. Business has started to become normal.

Politics haven't failed to intrude. Ordinary Filipino, all walks of life, has seemed to be confused. Anyway, the victims have been able to survive because of their resiliency. In spite of those horrible trials in their life, yet they could still be able to smile.

Politics in the Limelight

Politics took the center stage. Politicians took a great part in relief and rehabilitation efforts with full media coverage, both in the local and national scene or even in international level.

PNoy did his job too. But he's outright being tagged as unmindful of addressing properly the needs of the Yolanda victims as claimed by his accusers. In that kind of stressful situation, do they need to be disunited? The dissatisfied group of people and even politicians had their own reasons to argue why the National Government deficiencies existed.

PNoy Aquino III
PNoy Aquino III
PNoy Unmindful?

This latest happening on what has transpired last year. Instead of invoking the Divine intercession for saving other lives, the people in that place get angry with President Benigno Aquino III and blame him for a slow action in helping the victims.

Worse! He didn't show up along with those politicians who joined with the first anniversary held at Tacloban City where his political archival place which was one of the places greatly destroyed by Super typhoon Yolanda. But PNoy relayed why he shouldn't come for he had some priority places to visit. The President's alibi failed. The people didn't accept that excuse for he is the President he should come.

PNoy Is No Perfect

No one is perfect. PNoy, the President, should be respected, shouldn't be demanded on what to do. Though he has the duties and responsibilities as the country's head, but he should given the chance to solve all those things in his own right. Blaming nor fingering-pointing couldn't do the part to get things in order.

Why politics should intervene with this kind of undertaking of helping those who have been the victims of natural catastrophe? In time of natural calamities, it's everybody's business.


  1. Currently assigned in Tacloban and I must say that the city government of Tacloban and the provincial government of Leyte aren't in good terms. It's the constituents who are suffering the most because of this feud.

  2. I never like to involve in any kinda politics anyway thanks for this.

  3. Filipinos should think of cooperation not politics. Yes, really the President has all the right on what to do with this kind of natural disaster. Media plays a vital role in respecting our leaders.

  4. We expect too much from the President. I guess, the government is trying and I hope the people rise from Yolanda.

  5. It's sad but politics as well as "pamumulitika" will always take place especially in such events. It's sad 'cause instead of being united to help the people of Tacloban, there are a lot who use the situation to their advantage. Of course, there are also those who do nothing but criticize. I guess this is the sad truth...


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