Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Foiled 'Operation Wolverine' - Who's Responsible?

The botched commandos who were the elite policemen, composing the Special Action Force (SAF) with a mission order to serve the warrant of arrest to the Malaysian terrorist Zulkifli Bin Hir alias Marwan and Filipino bomb maker Abdul Basit Usman who were in the town of Mamasapano, Maguindanao; but they had unfortunately ended their day to patriotically serve the country on the fateful day of January 25 when they're slaughtered by fully-armed MILF and Bangsamoro forces.

Who's Accountable?
Who's Accountable?
This gruesome killing incident stirred the whole country to mixed reactions, unfavorable, disgusting, and worst regard, condemning the chief executive of the country, the President for he is the Commander in Chief in a chain of command.

The "Operation Wolverine" was launched to arrest the international terrorist with his Filipino cohort who were somewhere in the area of Maguindanao. But, it's failed to complete its mission after it’s been left for 16 hours unattended to by higher command due to conflict of interest under the guise of ongoing peace process with the MILF.

Now what's the point of this issue? Blaming, pointing an accusing finger to the persons in command, to the country's head, among others? Or tagging solely the person responsible, accountable to the death of those 44 SAF members who had been "neglected" for conflict of interest as to the national security is concerned.

Who'll Take Accountability, PNoy?

Following is just an allegation, a presumption on what should be happening based on the people's way of thinking and judging it.

Again, this is a delicate issue. This isn't an ordinary dispute or misunderstanding in which it is easy to pinpoint the person responsible and accountable for the bungled operation of the military.

Along this line, the Senate conducted a special marathon investigation on this matter. Those involved were summoned to appear in the Senate and required to answer queries, questions to shed light to the untimely death of the 44 young men of the PNP as members of SAF.

President Benigno Aquino III, being the President of the Philippines may be primarily held accountable for the failure of "Operation Wolverine" to get Marwan from his hiding place in Maguindanao under the authority of warrant of arrest issued by the court.

He may be accountable for he knows the operation. And it couldn't be denied or even neglected that he's not been informed by this, by the top brass of PNP. As a matter of chain of command, PNoy would be in charged.

On the other hand, due to human error and pressure, he may be made a blunder for not "helping" the 44 PNP commandos to be reinforced by the standby army troop that was just 11 kilometers away from the bloodbath scene in Mamasapano, Maguindanao.

What about Purisima? 

National Police Chief Director General Alan Purisima, as the chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP) though he's suspended but yet he may be have the grasped of the delicate information on what is going on at the critical place where the 44 fallen policemen were based by a clandestine communication for he supplied them the "intelligence package".

He may be directed those men on what to do but nobody is aware of it. Only he himself knows it and has the facility to do it in any manner or means as what the people assume.

On this hot issue and the Filipino were confused, were carried by their hate and impulsive judgment to name who is the accountable officer, President Aquino accepted the resignation of Purisima who decided to resign without any fanfare.

Now, as of this writing, the official findings of the Senate investigating committee are already out. It's up for the people to evaluate who is the "mastermind" for the failure of “Operation Wolverine” which resulted to the infamous brutal killing of 44 SAF commandos who died to secure the country's security.


  1. I agree what Sen. Miriam Santiago said during here interpolation in the Mamasapano Senate hearing awhile ago, both are responsible, Pres. Aquino and Gen. Purisima.

    And I hope the truth will come out.


  2. We all know by now who masterminded this failed mission. Pnoy had accepted full responsibility na. But what those legislators must focus their attention is what have the MILF done during the encounter. Did they engaged our men in the battle. If so, then peace agreement should be put on hold.

  3. I don't want how Purisima said that he was just advising and not commanding. It's either his involved or not and as things are he is so he should have at least taken some accountability.

  4. This incident is devastating. I don't really know who's the one to blame, I don't want to blame cos I don't really know the whole issue. I should read all about this.

  5. News about Napenas-Purisima-PNoy is all over the TV news and all sorts of social media right now. I hope that whoever is accountable (and we know that it's one of those high officials) will be named soon after all the Senate hearings.

  6. Cover up is hapenning every time there is a inquiry on the senate and in house of representatives. i hope one of them will speak the truth

  7. I really doubt if there is anything productive that will come out of this investigation although it is really about time to have real results.

  8. Higher authorities who knows about the operation is responsible. But again, I think they will just continue pointing fingers until nothing gets resolved. But hopefully, it won't affect the peace process and negotiation.


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