Saturday, February 21, 2015

RandomThoughts 4th Anniversary: Could It Survive?

Finding faults is everyone's business in any occasion. Look what is happening in our country recently. I don't need to cite them here one by one.

RandomThoughts in 2011
RandomThoughts First Icon
As I check my posts here since I started writing and posting them, I found out that the first post I made was in February 3, 2011 and the title was "Finding Faults". I have nothing in mind to write but the natural tendency of everyone, that's, finding faults. It's too easy looking for failure of anyone else than our own.

Why this is so! I have my own reason to cite. I have my own staunch to defend. I have my own opinion to share. And I know you've your own too to claim, or whatever.

Why We Are Here?

Never mind about that. Here's a question to answer: Have you made someone happy today? If not, you've failed indeed. This reminds me of some lines from the Church hymn, "Have I Done Any Good in the World Today" which we use to sing in every meeting we've had in our Church, activities, and conferences.

As of this writing, I'm keeping my faith. I do nurturing my belief that Jesus is the Christ. I do belong to His true Church here on earth. And that is my belief. My faith says so. I've been in His Church for 35 years since I joined in 1980.

I know the reason why I was born here. I know the reason why I was here and where I am going after this life. The simplest answer is to "search for happiness", to prove my faithfulness, and to gain an "everlasting life" with my family.

That's my life.

RandomThoughts Today

RandomThoughts Logo in 2014
RandomThoughts 2014 Banner

RandomThoughts is in its four years in existence in the world wide web. It's a personal blog on sharing my guided thoughts.

I keep on blogging for fun, information and enjoyment. I know that it is in sharing what I've generously done to my fellow bloggers that I was indirectly or directly manifesting my care for them.

It takes a lot of patience, diligence and most of all, a heart and mind not only to my readers and followers but to the work itself. By practice, coming up with a quality of blog is challenging and it is not easy per se.

RandomThoughts Rank in Alexa in 2015
Alexa Rank
I said it is challenging and yet it is fulfilling to let others know my opinion, thoughts and wisdom especially to my followers, readers and even to my fellow bloggers.

Blogging, I know, is always be a vehicle or a means of communication for others to be blessed and this is one of my intentions why I blog. I know bloggers whoever they are they could facilitate in anyway a blessing any form for others too!

As of this writing, it has a pageview of 534,711 visitors/readers registered in RandomThought's counter.

At its inception, RandomThoughts' started with an Alexa rank of 15,367,892 till it improved to 2,264,171. And eventually it got its own domain through an invaluable help from C5 Ghosty Writery, a fellow blogger worldwide in December 14,2011. Now its present Alexa Rank is 246,470 with pagerank 2 in Google.

RandomThouoghts is grateful for those thoughtful fellow bloggers, followers, readers who were so thoughtful of recognizing its existence. Their comments not only inspired RandomThoughts to write and update its posts every now and then, but edify this blogger's passion to write, to inform, to entertain them and others who come across with this humble blogsite.

Thoughtful Readers

Following are comments culled from its 3rd anniversary in which this blogger is so thankful for them by spending their precious time in greeting this blogger.

The first group of greeters was composed of Franc Ramon, Anonymous, Teresa Martinez, Fernando Lachica, and Rochkirstin Santos. Here are their comments:

First Group of Commenters
First group of commenters

The second group was composed of Kath Rivera, Joy, Marri Bermudez, Janine Daquio, and Jerwin Pelapuz. Take a good look of their comments:

Second Group of Commenters
Second group of commenters

Thanks to all of you. Keep on following this humble blog and I'll do the best I could to come up with inspiring, informative, and worth-emulating deeds for your delight and satisfaction. Again, thank you very much. Muchos Gracias!

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  1. Congratulations on your blog ;). It will survive as long as you didn't stop writing articles to have some readers about you and your blog

  2. Another congratulations on your 4th year! It's always nice to do the things you enjoy, and in your case, it's writing so keep it going.

  3. Good job. You're giving lotsa bloggers a run for their money :)

  4. More years to come... just enjoy blogging.

  5. Congrats on your 4th year Anniversary. In those four years of reading your post, you also keep it really detailed and always has a personal touch.

  6. Congratulations on your 4 years of blogging...more randoms thoughts to share!

  7. It's been a year that I have known you through this blog, wherein you pour all your thoughts regarding LIFE, RELIGION and RELATIONSHIP. It is hard to maintain a blog site, if you cannot interact well with your fellow bloggers/readers/viewers....and with that my CONGRATULATION to you and RANDOM THOUGHTS. More writings..more thoughts...more random....

  8. I'm happy to be part of your well wishers yearly as I really admire how you write your posts.

  9. Congratulations Sir Gil! Cheers to more blogging years!

  10. Hmm, I think I made someone happy today so yeah, it complete my day! Congratulations to your blogging success Sir Gil!

  11. Yey! Happy Anniversary to your blog! It's a joy to share your thoughts to the readers and actually follow you through and through. My blog is also celebrating its 4th year and what made me kept on blogging is my love of sharing the things that I've experienced. Let's keep on going and maybe, we can reach till our 10th year in blogging! :D


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