Saturday, March 14, 2015

How to Search DepEd ICT Coordinators Page Effectively

It is our purpose to make things in order for we are the DepEd ICT Coordinators, teachers, school heads and we are a part and parcel of LIS work as a responsible, resourceful and reliable referenced persons in authority on the task we are committed to do.

DepEd ICT Coordinator Banner Page
DepEd ICT Coordinators Page Banner
In discharging this kind of job we have had we are no perfect person. We need basic pieces of information to keep ourselves going especially in straightening learner basic data. We want to make it reliable, authentic and accurate. Since we are not perfect we want to complete it. Thus we do some search/query/asking question to give us of what you want and again to satisfy our insufficiency of knowledge or pieces of information we need.

By merely posting a question to the group couldn't guarantee that it could be answered. It may take time to be replied by the admin or any member who is online. Or it may never be answered at all.

In our closed group there are three facility available in the page, that we could avail of to their maximum.

Three ways to make search effectively

Here are the three steps to satisfy our search for the bits of information or knoledge about our learner and other related info:

1. Use the FILES button. Scroll down patiently until you find what you're looking for.

Step 1 - Files
Using Files button

2. Use the "Search this group" box. Type the specific topic or the keyword and enter. Type another related topic/keyword until it suits your need.

Using "Search this group" box

3. Post your question/problem stating the specific details.

Step 3 - Writing post
Writing post of concern

Options: Send a Private Message (PM) to any member of the group who is online or the Admin. Be  patient for they may or may not answer you.


Please have the patience on asking a question or posting your problem. It may be answered right away, in some later time or day. Or it may not for there's no available facility or info to satisfy your query.

We want to make things IN ORDER so be patient.

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