Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Resources for Creating School Website

A handy resources are made available for those elementary schools that are planning to have a website for their own school. They all contain an easy steps to create a website in which the prospective school could use. They may select from them as to their comfort and convenient in creating a site.

A website is comparable to a book with different pages (web pages) which may contain a written article (post), an array of pictures (images), and references (links). And it is written by writer/author (blogger) or a guest writer.

A website just like a book has an identified edition [(uniform resource locator (URL)] and is printed by a publisher (web domain).

The book is being distributed by a bookstore, give-aways, or by gift-giving. the website or web site is hosted by a web server via Internet or a private local area network (PLAN).

Books are availabe in libraries and bookstores (URL). They may be borrowed or bought personally. Web site or site is built free and hosted free but with limited space (bandwidth). There are paid webhosting which requires a cheapest fee as low as $1 a month or $19 a year.

Creating or Building the Website the Easiest Way

If you want to create a website for your own school, you should be patient enough to undergo the basic simple steps. Usually it has 3-step process to complete a site. Nobody is going to help you except following the instructions and common sense will tell you how.

So teachers, school heads, or school ICT coordinators, you may choose from the various website builder available in the Internet and you can do it in a minute or so.

I may be citing some free site builders, but I am not making any guarantee that they're good or bad for I've not used them except few of them.

To name a few, they're as follows and to visit their site, click the corresponding images:

1. is an award winning company which offers web building packages, web design, hosting, domain names, ecommerce services and much more. Everything they offer needs no technical background or website design skills, and can all be set up in a matter of hours.

2. Webs  - Create a website with our professionally designed templates and easy to use free website builder.

3. Create Your Own Free Website, Get the Look & Feel You Want.
Drag it. Drop it. It's Easy.

4. Building your own professional website is as easy as 1.2.3

5. Ewisoft Website Builder is a powerful and easy website builder software that you can use to create a website. It is perfect for beginners and professionals.

6. Yola offers free hosting and a free website address.

7. Create your own website and gets free unlimited space hosting with a website maker of uCoz.

8. Make a free website with the #1 free website builder and get ranked on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

9. Moonfruit Make a free website or online shop with Moonfruit's free website builder. No coding skills needed and hosting included. Build a website today: it's easy.

10. IM Creator is a new way to create a website. Start from scratch or use our free website templates. Finally, a simple and free website builder.

And many more.

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