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Adopting e-Class Record for Students

DepEd Order No. 8,series of 2015 qualifies what is assessment in the classroom. It "aims at helping students perform well in relation to the learning standards... comprise content standards, performance standards, and learning competencies" as delineated in the curriculum.

Old class record, 1996
Old class record, 1996
In so doing, the DepEd is going to implement DepEd Order 8, s. 2015 for the opening of school year 2015-2016. A series of consultation meeting with selected school personnel/teacher were held in three separate days and in three separate venues.

And it was a successful consultation meeting with those selected teachers of various grade level. Everything was tackled to meet expected the standardization of a class record with pre-loaded formula in Micrsoft excel.

The activities conducted were presentation and critiquing of the proposed contents/Format and formula of Standard Class Record that is aligned with the provision of DepEd Order No. 8, series 2015.

Those selected representatives from chosen regions were able to share their expertise and knowledge and valuable experience in the preparation of electronic class record.

Consensus on Agreement for eclass record

Once the standardized eclass record is ready, this could be a great help for teachers who laready using computer in the preparation of class record. The following outcome collated from various venues were categorized for easy recognition and implementation:

Sir Harold defends his presentation
Sir Harold defends his presentation

Assessment of Consultation Meeting in a nutshell

May consider as recommended by other users
  • Branding/standard design
  • Manual updating (printing/multimedia)
  • Manual/tutorial materials (printing/multimedia) for the most basic/minimum command in excel for the following:
A. Saving a file
B. Save as (filename and location)
C. Copy and paste cell or sheet
D. Insert/Delete cell
E. Retrieval of file

Sir Earreckson doing part for presentation
Sir Earreckson doing part for presentation

Immediate Feedback

- For subject teacher, "save as"  will be used to create another subject
- In preparation of quarterly report, teacher may need to create new file from blank template
- Computer/laptop is usually required to lower the security level to run macros command. Noe windows based apps may not compatible to execute macros

Implementation Consideration

1. Aligned wit the most recent policies
2. Accurate computation/formula setting
3. User Interface
   - light and friendly
   - compatibility with other versions of MS excel or other worksheet format
4. User friendly
  • Encourage computer teachers who are not computer literate
  • Appreciate the advantage of printing and storage, retrieval or updating of eclass record
5. Setting up local and centralized user support or help desk

Future Integration in LIS

Facility to encode/upload/update the quarterly grade scores by subject/learning area
Report generation of the of the following:
  • Grading Sheet
  • Form 138 Report Card
  • Form 137 Permanent Record
  • SF5 Report on Promotion computed (value of general average)

The Selected Representatives

Luzon group of participants
Luzon group of participants
First group venue: Central DepEd Office, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City.
List of Representatives (Luzon Area):
1. Mr. Dexter N. Pante, (School Effectiveness), OPS
2. Ms. Sabrina Ongkiko, (School Effectiveness), OPS
3. Mr. MIguel Karlo Macriola, Office of the Chief of Staff, OSEC
4. Mrs. Marieta C. Atienza, OIC - RSD (EMIS), OPS Representative from the Office of USES for Programs
5. Ms. Agnes Garote, P.R. San Diego ES, Valenzuela City, NCR
6. Mr. Denn Marc O. Alayon, F.G. Calderon IS (HS), Manila, NCR
7. Mr. Israel G. Lalu, San Gabriel ES, Quezon City, NCR
8. Mr. Jaime Negrillo, Quezon City HS, Quezon City, NCR
9. Ms. Yolanda Penaloza, Largo HS, Caloocan City, NCR
9. Ms. Alma Alonzo, Sta.Ana ES, Manila, NCR
10. Ms. JOan V. Gervacio, Lamay HNS,Bataan, III
11.  Mr. Marvin I.Sinacay, Umiray NHS, Aurora, III
12. Ms. Luisa S. Rivera. Tibangan ES. Bulacan, III
13.  Ms. Ma. Luisa S. Rivera, Tibanga ES, Bulacan, III
14. Mr. Robert Aquino,  Tibanga ES, Bulacan, III
15. Ms. Myca L. De Leon, San Vicente ES, Laguna,IV-A
16. Mr. Jondyne P. Bonono, Mayamot NHS,Laguna, IV-A
17. Mr. Gedion Mayos, Ambuldao ES. Bemguet, CAR
19. Mr. Jonathan F. Diche, ICTU-TS
Mindanao group of participants
Second Group venue: Davao City
List of Representative (Mindanao Area):
1. Mr. Weldzmer B.Munjilul, Manuel L. Quezon ES, Davao, XI
2. Mr. Jose L. Barba, Jr., Mati School of Arts and Trade, Mati City, XI
3. Mr. Ruel G. Nacion, Blat ES, Sarangani, XII
4. Ms. Violah Elsha Mindanao, Valencia NHS, Valencia City, X
5. Teacher Representative (unidentified)
6. Region XI Representative  (unidentified)

Region VI group of selected participants and facilitators
Visayas group of selected participants and facilitators
Third group venue: Region VI conference hall, Duran Street, Iloilo City
List of Representatives (Visayas Area):
1. Mr. Japeth N. Pagonzaga, Negros Occidental, VI
2. Mr. Harold Penol, Cartagena ES, Sipalay City, VI
3. Mr. Eareckson Delicana, Luis Uy Chiat ES, Cadiz City, VI
4. Mr. Gil Camporazo, Balabag ES, La Carlota City, VI
5. Mr. Mark Dulaca, Bacolod City, VI
6. Mr. Mat Bimbao, Region VI Representative

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