Thursday, May 7, 2015

Language for Kids: Tips to Help Your Child Learn a Second Language

Language for Kids: Tips to Help Your Child Learn a Second Language

Kids should learn second languages because their future will be brighter and it’s actually easier for young minds to grasp new languages. However, that doesn’t mean it is an easy process, and it doesn’t mean your child will be a natural.

There are some things you can do to help your child though. Use this guide for helping your child learn a second language quickly and efficiently.

Start Early

A lot of research shows that children can learn second or third languages easily early in life because language is more malleable in the young brain. If you’re a parent that should mean getting your child started very early.

The language you pick isn’t particularly important, though you may want to consider your child’s future. That’s why languages like Spanish, Chinese and Japanese are particularly popular among parents.

Use Language Schools

Sometimes learning a second language can be difficult for a child simply because they don’t get to speak it often. When your child is learning, you may not be able to guide them, and if the school your child attends doesn’t offer the chosen second language, it can be hard for your child to get better.

That’s where schools like Chinese immersion school can really come in handy. Your child will be exposed to the language all the time so they learn it rapidly. For many kids, that really is the only way to thoroughly learn a language and be able to properly speak it.


  1. This is really good... i think it is also applicable for dialects...I agree about starting early.. my grand parents and some of our older relative speaks "Chavacano" (dialect in Cavite) and even though I know and understand what they are saying.. I cannot really speak Chavacano fluently... because my parents never had the chance to teach us....thanks for sharing mr Gil

  2. Having a foundation in Chinese for kids would be an advantage for them growing up since China is an emerging superpowers and a lot of businesses in the future would require the understanding of their language.

  3. I agree, second language must be taught early...but I don't know what's the ruling of DEPED regarding the use of English in the classroom... I have noticed that most (not all) students from our public schools are not really good with the use of the English language...

  4. Knowning how to speak in several languages may be beneficial for a lot of reasons. I'm glad that our parents trained us how to speak in Chinese fluently.


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