Monday, May 4, 2015

LIS Helpful Tips

Since the introduction of LIS in 2011, teacher/advisers, school ICT coordinators, and the school heads had been encountering basic learner's profile issues and other LIS technical problems.

The learners Information System (LIS) had different concerns and issues which need to be addressed appropriately and effectively so as  to have an accurate pupil's profile especially his name, Learner Reference Number (LRN), birthdate, date of school entrance, and other related info.

Facebook groups like Learner Information System Help Desk, EBEIs Help Desk, SFRT were created to provide the online users of some technical assistance. Yet every year the same haunting problems occurred. Recently, a team of admins of SFRT and LIS Help Desk had an informal brainstorming and had come up with a better idea by categorizing the common issues into a single topic for easy referencing and to find the appropriate answer to the queries posed by the teachers.

Helpful Tips and Replies to Queries

Eliza P. Carlos

LIS admins, mesdames Eliza Pangilinan Carlos and DL ML have compe up for The following are Helpful Permalinks posted in the Facebook. They could only be accessed if you're currently signed in to Facebook:

1. Know Your Dashboard

2. User Account Management Manual 

3. User Management Module Per Topic

4. Class Management Facility - Sectioning Sub Module

5. Directory of Schools

    a. Primary

    b. Secondary

6. Adding Personnel

7. TIN already in used

8. Reset Password

9. Assigning Adviser

10. Changing Password

11. Removing Personnel

12. Request Forms

13. Observation (April 30, 2015): Proper tagging of Dropped out or Retained, why important?

14. Correction Facility of Basic Profile (Request)

15. Correction of Basic Profile (Approval)

16. Reminder (April 24, 2015): Sa Correction of Basic Profile: Bakit walang Request for Correction ang Profile ng Leaner?

17. Correction of Grade Level

18. (April 24, 2015): Paano kung ang nilipatang Private School ng Learner ay wala sa Masterlist na uploaded sa LIS?

19. Clarification (April 23, 2015): Learner na lumipat sa ALS Program.

20. Correction or Deactivation of LRN
      Supporting Image

21. Instruction (April 21, 2015): PUSH TRANSFERRED OUT

22. Instruction (April 21, 2015): Mistaken Push Transferred Out Learner

23. Instruction (April 17, 2015): CRITICAL DATA ISSUES. Bakit nangyayari ito?

24. User interface update (April 23, 2015): Readmit of Learner with NLS status.

n.b.: Credits to Sir Gil Camporazo for the brilliant idea and Ma'am DL ML for helping us collate the permalinks. Thank you for your support team.

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