Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Non Attendance to Meeting: An Alibi?

City of Baguio Council has called the heads of BCDA and JHMC respectively for clarification meeting regarding the controversial “war on camp” which eventually misinformed the public particularly the people of Baguio. But they have failed to come.

The city council has a lot of things to ask from Mr. Arnel P. Casanova of Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) and Ms. Jamie Eloise Agbayani of John Hay Management Corporation (JHMC).

The city council has known that the contract between BCDA and the developer, CJHDevCo was rescinded as per order by the court due to the negligence of  both parties. Both failed to provide what is stipulated on the contract they’d signed.

The possible reason why the city council has summoned Mr. Casanova and Ms. Agbayani is to confirm from them that though the contract was terminated the 19 conditions stipulated on City Council Resolution 362, series of 1994 were still binding and to appeal to them to refrain from issuing to the public misinformation about the camp, the stakeholders, and contract itself.

It was learned that Baguio City Mayor Mauricio Domogan has pointed out that the city government has set these 19 conditions which in return the BCDA has confirmed and honored, and abide with them. He further pointed that these terms were already in force before the BCDA and the private developer like Camp John Hay Development Corporation (CJHDevCo) came into agreement.

Are They Telling the Truth?

The people of Baguio were dismayed upon knowing that those heads of BCDA and JHMC weren’t able to come for such an important meeting with the council. It couldn’t be avoided something malicious would prop up. To put it plainly, you know how judgmental the people are. Aren't they?

Anyway, BCDA and JHMC have communicated their side for the reason why they shouldn’t attend the meeting called for.

Casanova, BCDA President and Chief Executive of BCDA relayed that he couldn’t make it. The council’s session was in conflict for his scheduled meeting with the corporate planning sessions. He had the intention to shed matters on question about the existing “war on the camp” between BCDA and CJHDevCo. He would come in some other time for that purpose.

For her side, Agbayani, president and Chief Executive of JHMC claimed that she also a similar important business matter to attend to in Manila. She said it was scheduled earlier than that of city council’s special meeting mentioned on the invitation given to her. She said further that this particular concern should be decided by the BCDA when they will meet sometime.

What a coincidence! Both of them couldn’t make it. Do you believe them?

Controversial Conditions

Resolution No.  362, series 1994 was passed and approved sometime in 1994 by the City of Baguio. The said local government has specified the terms and conditions, the “19 conditions” for that matter to the Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) which accepted them without reservation.

Out of 19 conditions, number 16 was emphasized by Mayor Domogan that the city government and the people of Baguio have the right over the camp. However, if they aren’t honored, the mayor has no option other than to sue BCDA to court.

The City of Baguio has refrained from doing so according to its legal council, Melchor Carlos Rabanes for they’re expecting the first the action of the BCDA is to make an inventory of the camp like the land occupied, the progress and improvements made therein in which the city of Baguio has preemptive right to claim for them.

Out of those developments and unavailability of BCDA and JHMC to fail to show up in the meeting, what do you think an implication to the integrity of the persons in the said agency?

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