Sunday, July 19, 2015

Writing, a Legacy from my Grade Six Teacher

My grade six class adviser had taught me the secret of writing that works and I considered it as the important skill I never ever forget. And this led me to what I am now: a successful teacher, a school principal, . No wonder why, writing becomes my passion when I was a grader.

Lilia Garin
Lilia Garin
Where is this teacher of mine now? It was almost for 49 years ago that this teacher took care of us in her class as our adviser and teacher in grade six section one.

Since we live in the same place, I used to see her early in the morning going to Church when I took a morning walk at the back of the city hall.

Alas! I came across from one of my news feeds in the Facebook recently that she has already passed away and she had been buried a year already from one of the posts I read.

I was a bit guilty then for I hadn't even made a vigil for her wake nor attended her burial for she's living within the city where I am residing. It was I know a miscommunication. No one from one of my classmates informed me.

I am referring to Miss Lilia G. Garin, my grade six class adviser sometime in 1966 in La Carlota Elementary School. She's strict when it comes to class attendance and misbehavior. But too considerate to a weakling like me who is sickly.

My Passion

Because of her, I develop a passion in writing. I have a several local penpals coming from different parts of the country?

Though she's strict but she's soft spoken. She's our teacher in English. In our writing composition, she always reminded us of the SV rule in grammar. That is, the subject-verb agreement.

It is still fresh in my mind when she told me after checking my composition on how I did spend my summer vacation about my grammar mistakes. "Don't ever forget that your verb should agree with the subject. When your subject is singular, your verb should have an 's'. When it is plural, your verb has no 's'." I marked it.

And I realize she's right when I went to high school, to college and until I completed my collegiate course.

Mam Garin with her niece Lumen
Mam Garin with her niece Lumen

Died at 91

Ma'am Lilia Garin died on July 17, more than a month after she celebrated her birthday on June 7, according to her niece Lumen Garin who happened to be one of my fellow staff members of The College Voice, the official school publication of La Carlota City College. She suffered a stroke and bedridden for four months till her death.

She's the third of nine children of Mr. Felicisimo Garin, Sr. and Mrs. Iluminada Pantua-Garin.

She's a good music teacher too. She'd a good voice. She completed her AB course at Sagrado Corazon de Jesus in Iloilo, major in English and History and minor in Spanish.

She died at 91, unmarried. #ThankYouTeacher

Credits: Pictures courtesy of Ms. Lumen Garin


  1. She's a big loss but I can see how good of a teacher she is by the way she has taught you. She has left a legacy in you and to her other students.

    1. That is very true Franc. I am very grateful for her. My parents taught me to be diligent in my studies, but my teacher like Mam Lilia taught me to be skillful in writing especially in expressing my ideas.

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