Saturday, August 8, 2015

'Success Is Not Money'

La Carlota Philippines District of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints conducted its Saturday session with Priesthood holders, Unit Leaders, and adult members in a two separate sessions for the male members of the Priesthood and the female members of the relief society, and another for adult session.

La Carlota LDS Meetinghouse
La Carlota LDS Meetinghouse
Bacolod Philippines Mission President Christopher Barredo presided this Saturday semi-annual conference of the District at the meetinghouse in La Carlota City. He was with his counselors, President Avelino Santillan and President Noel Adrian Abat.

The Relief Society session was conducted by Sister Ana Barredo, the wife of President Barredo assisted by Sister Marissa Abat. The RS is an organization of single adult and married women members of the Church.

The conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is held for the members to receive instructions, inspiration from the leaders especially for the living prophet in the connection with the three-fold mission of the Church such as proclaiming the Gospel, perfecting the saints, and redeeming the dead.

Key Indicators

La Carlota District President Mario A. Malacaman discussed the major indicators of the growth of the Church. These may include the total membership, the baptism, the temple recommend holders, among others.

Bacolod Philippines Mission First Counselor Avelino Santilan presented a series of plan of action to properly address those key indicators that hinder the possible growth of the Church. He was optimistic by strict obedience of the leaders those things could be achieved. Thus, he said, "plan your work and work your plan."

Bacolod Philippines Mission Presidency
Bacolod Philippines Mission Presidency

Success Means Direction

Citing a situation through an illustration, President Christopher Barredo presented failure and success. Soliciting a response from the priesthood in attendance, he received various answers depending on how the member interpreted or conceived what a failure is and what success is.

By referring to the different verses from the scriptures, particularly the Holy Bible, he had pointed out the very lineage of Jesus Christ himself and the possibility why the Book of Mormon came to being.

Those biblical characters like Adam, Noah, Judah, Joseph, David, among others had enjoyed life and attained the blessings in their lives because of the proper guidance and the right direction they had adapted in their life.

"Success in not money. It is about direction," pointed out President Barredo.

This was well emphasized by President Barredo to Priesthood holders of the branches under the District like San Enrique, Ayungon, La Carlota First, La Carlota Second, Masville, Manggapsang, La Castellana, and Moise Padilla.

Other Speakers

The following brethren and sisters who took their turn in speaking their faith-promoting talks and testimonies during the Saturday Session of conference:

President Rino Ilanga, President Zandiv Abonado, President Johndill Parreno, President Noel Adrian Abat, President Junjun Sia, and Sisters Ana Barredo and Merlita Natan.

The La Carlota District Choir provided the music for the closing session of Saturday conference.

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