Monday, September 7, 2015

How My Pupils Remember Me as Teacher 25 Years Ago

Twenty-Five years ago (sometime in 1990) my grade VI elementary school pupils in La Carlota Elementary School 1 had written some notes for me.

Teaching my elementary grade VI pupils 25 years ago
My teaching moment 25 years ago
Those notes which as of this posting time I still have them in my possession. I have treasured them. They are a true reflections of my calling, my profession as a teacher before.

I have read them once again to reminisce those good old and even better days of my teaching job. I want to recall how my pupils regarded me as their teacher for two decades and a half ago. I know every teacher in the different parts of the world would be celebrating the World Teachers' Day on October 5 in their own unique way.

Some of these thoughts of my caring and thoughtful pupils are the following (Just place the cursor over their name to see and read what they've written about me.)

To see the photo copy (scan) of their inspiring notes, click their respective name.

My pupils 10 years later (2005)
Ten years later (2005)
They are still communicating with me in Facebook. Some of them are already married. Some of them are working abroad.

I want to thank them for their love, care and thoughtfulness. They have made me a true teacher! They've inspired me.

Thank you, my dear pupils!

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  1. I've always reminisce the moment/time that you've taught us a lessons and i really treasure all the precious memories. we're really grateful to have a mentor like you sir! we really learned a lot from you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, what we are now is the result of how good you are to mold us to become a better person.You are the BEST Teacher for us..."Thank you" is not enough to express our gratitude to all the teachers who taking the time to teach us bisan sometimes "mga pasaway" guid kami before. Belated "Happy Teachers Day" ika nga its better late than never..dba sir? hhehe Take Care Always & God Bless! shelleen

  2. Thank you. I do really appreciate what you've written here. I do really treasure you as one of my pupils. Since I'm a part and parcel of your well-being, do your best. By doing it so, your parents will be very glad and proud of you.

  3. Thank you for inspiring us as well with your post. Keep teaching and continue inspiring! Goodluck! Teaching is such as noble profession.

  4. Teachers are a real inspiration! Thank you so much for Everything you have shared to so many people.

  5. teary eye naman ako sa comment ni anonymous .Sir Gil ,really inspired a lot of people being a teacher.I had the best elementary teacher to na hanggang ngayon ay hindi ko pa nakakalimutan.

  6. They become what they are now because of you, such a good accomplishment in life

  7. Their words tug at the heart. So precious to have kept them all these years. Mabuhay ka Sir Gil!

  8. Awesome accomplishment! I know what it feels like. I am a daughter of a dedicated teacher too. Fully retired na sa pagiging high school teacher but still serving and this time for elementary kids naman for her part-time job.

    Av truly inspiring profession indeed!

  9. teachers never grow old but just fade away - anon.

  10. aww..reading the first comment is great. It is an accomplishment for an educator like you Sir. Most of my siblings (5 of them) are teachers except the boys. And I'm a teacher too but I don't practice. :) I wish I did.

    this is a great post!

  11. the most noble profession... without teachers, there won't be other professionals. congrats sir for all your accomplishments and for all good professionals you had produced. 20 years... wow. Yahweh bless.

  12. Interesting! While it's impossible to have met your students, let me tell you something about them. Recall them 21 years ago. You may or may have not known that they are (what I'm going to reveal) but I'll focus on the positive. They may have changed over the years but at least truest 21 years ago, when they wrote their letters...

    Jeffrey is artistic and logical.
    Josell had a lot of time in his hands.
    Ramil can be reserved but can also friendly.
    Oh, I can't help not to say but Rizaldy was very stingy.
    Ruth Jane was intuitive.
    Carla did things ahead of time.
    Edelynn was good in emergencies.
    Edjie was very practical.
    Joy Lynn's image is missing (404).
    Cristina was friendly and intuitive.
    Kris Joy was mysterious but optimistic.
    Mary Joy was friendly though stingy.
    Naarah was very intuitive.
    Rowela was very practical and intuitive.
    Shelleen had good organizational skills and was not materialistic.

    1. Thanks for such intuition you've on them. I'm sure they love and appreciate it if I'm going to inform them about this. Again thanks... :)

  13. Teachers are unsung heroes and I am proud of my Mom for being one. Such a noble profession and I can humbly say that without the likes of you Sir, we cannot be wherever we are now. Thank you for the wisdom and the inspiration.

  14. Teachers really play a big part in one's life. You guys were the ones who molded us and helped us become what we are now.. :) And even if I don't always reconnect with all of my teachers, I too am very grateful to have met them. Props and all the respect to you sir! :)

  15. from all government employees, teachers are those that i admire the most... my mom is a retired teacher and i know how hard they worked to mold every student.


  16. I remember writing a note for my favorite teacher when I was in primary level. Tapos, she wrote back. Ang memorable lang. I love teachers! They're like a family to me!

  17. iluv teachers sir Gil! and i am very proud to be ur friend here, my wife is also a public teacher:)

  18. without devoting teachers like you... I wonder what will be the future of all kids. Bravo!

  19. I find it very touching sir how your students still contact you. Honestly, I have this tears in my eyes because I remember how my high school teachers inspired me and it was such priceless sir.

    Kudos to all teachers.

  20. wow ang galing 21 years. I also want to teach someday to share the knowledge and to give back to society

  21. Congrats Sir Gil for raising those wonderful students! Being a teacher is a very noble profession. Your students would be forever indebted to you for sharing your knowledge with them.

  22. You have a great achievement, sir, something to be proud of. My parents also served in a government hospital for a long number of years and I'm proud of them. God bless. :)

  23. Wow, two decades! A noble profession indeed. I'm sure you have inspired them one way or another. And thanks to FB, they're still in touch with you!

  24. you inspired them to excel further in their studies and now their careers. congratulations, sir.

  25. a big wow to you sir, I wrote a poem about a teacher - Mabuhay ka aking Guro

  26. Wow. I'm impressed and salute you for teaching 2 decades. Mabuhay ka!-Jenny O'Toole

  27. teaching is the noblest profession + to have students from all-those-many years ago keeping in contact with you after all those years only goes to show how good a teacher you are!

    i salute you, sir Gil! ^_^

  28. teaching, mentoring to be precise is always what i want to do in my life. every time i get to influence my audience/students i feel rewarded. i always wanted to motivate and inspire young people.

    good for you sir gil! this profession and career is one of the best in the world. imagine how many students you've been developing....

  29. Amazing that you have a picture while you're teaching.
    By the way, what I love about teachers is that they really touches lives.
    (I remember my favorite mentors through this blog.)

    Keep on touching lives Sir Gil! :)



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