Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Education USEC Rey Laguda's 50-Day Journey for a Graceful Exit

(The following accounts are culled from the Facebook account of USEC Rey Laguda with his due permission to this blogger to repost them here. These would be the series of DepEd activities in which he personally witnessed and in any way has contributed. - Blogger/owner)

I have 50 days until June 30 (51 days until July 1) in DepEd. It has been an unbelievable 6 years for me, my colleagues, and even for my family. I had joined government thinking of serving for only a year. I want to honor my time in government by sharing to the public what I feel we have accomplished or continue to pursue as part of the reforms in education and in the DepEd bureaucracy. I have always said that education reforms in DepEd are like teaching an elephant to dance...tinikling.

So for the next 50 days, I will do daily posts of what the bureaucracy has done in the interest of transparency. This is a personal post and some of you may not agree with it. That's fine. That is one of the freedoms we have regained post-EDSA.

We are currently preparing transition reports and documents to hand over to the next administration and that will also be made public once it is done.

It has been a great privilege and honor to be on this journey towards a better nation. I believe that we cannot be great as a nation until we learn to be proud of our government (regardless of who sits as President). So I stand tall and I stand proud despite our imperfections and shortcomings as a public servant. The straight path isn't always the shortest and it isn't always the easiest. It is the best path nonetheless.

I am proud to have worked under President Benigno S. Aquino III. He allowed us the space to initiate gigantic reforms. He emboldened us and challenged us to give more than we could ever imagine. He pushed us beyond limits for this country.

I am humbled and continue to be inspired by my boss, my friend, my mentor, my slave driver, my anchor, my leader - Br. Armin Luistro. No words can ever describe what you have given and continue to give for this nation and for our learners. You weave magic and make the impossible happen. You are truly God's instrument.

So journey with me for the next 50 days as me and my team will share daily snippets that I hope can make you proud of your government.



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