Monday, May 23, 2016

Personal Initiatives: Building blocks for Education (Day 12)

Personal Initiatives: Building blocks for Education (Day 12)

by Rey Laguda

Yellow Boat of Hope
(This is the 11th day of 50-day journey of DepEd Undersecretary Rey Laguda as being serialized here with his permission, culled from his Facebook account - Blogger/owner)

Education is everyone's concern. Everyone is a stakeholder. Worth noting though is that beyond being a student or a parent, many actually go out of their way to help and volunteer. Today, I recognize individuals and groups who volunteer their time, effort and resources to help children and contribute to the improvement of the education sector. They have no compelling reason other than to help others. As Mahatma Gandhi said, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." These people choose to be part of the change they want to see. They choose to act. They choose to make a difference. Nothing is too big or too small. They act locally and respond to needs of communities.

Every Teacher a Reader Juan Portrait
Silid Aralan Bikes for the Philippines

The Department of Education continues to partner with institutions and organizations as they help learners, schools and teachers in communities where they operate. The Department also continues to encourage an environment where individuals can also act - initiate or participate in efforts that contribute to education for all. Allow me to name several of their initiatives:

  • Philippine Toy Library
  • Klasrums ng Pag-Asa
  • Black Pencil Project
  • Teach for Philippines
  • Juan Portrait
  • Checkmyschool
  • Yellow Boat of Hope
  • Project Pearls
  • TheStorytellingProject
  • Bikes for Philippines
  • Alpabasa
  • Silid Aralan
  • Aral Pinoy
  • The Word Riders Philippines
  • Coalition for Better Education
  • Kape't Guro
  • EveryTeacherAReader

(Note: My apologies for missing out on some groups.)

Look these up on Facebook and you will see that these are initiatives drawn straight from the heart.

Kape't Guro Teach for the Philippines

Genuine good governance can only exist when government works for the people and at the same time, people also participate in building the nation. Mutual trust is at the heart of this engagement. Government has to provide space for ordinary citizens to innovate and participate in finding solutions. People should also take the extra step of engaging government to be better and more effective. Continue to engage the Department of Education at various levels as we work towards giving the best that our children deserve.

Let me encourage others who read this post, to share what they do for education. Let others know what you do and infect them with that sense of optimism and hope. Tag others whom you know are doing something positive and constructive to build an education nation. Game on!



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