Sunday, October 30, 2016

Convert Your Free Time into Money in ForumCoin

Coins and Time
Earning a penny by writing a comment, a reaction to a post or an article, ForumCoin is the best choice for those who have nothing to do on their free time, and also especially to those mothers who remain at home to take care of their kids, of their home and everything in the home.

Those interested don't need to create his own blog or website and putting up ads of any form just to earn. Maintaining a blog or a site takes a hard work and making it earn always takes patience and a lot of social media sharing. It takes a time, an effort to keep it going and to get a good if not a better traffic.

ForumCoin: New World Currency

Let me introduce to you the ForumCoin. "ForumCoin is an online community where you earn ForumCoin for making posts and for referring other members. You can use that ForumCoin as a virtual currency to buy and sell goods and services and to exchange for traditional, real world currencies." (What Is ForumCoin? FAQs)

You can earn ForumCoin from 1.0 up to 150, depending on the forums you have participated in. You can have 150 ForumCoins if you submitted post to Articles and Tutorials forum. You can be entitled to receive 25 ForumCoins if you are an active member with at least 20 articles posted by referring a new member who eventually joints the site. If you have reached the 500 ForumCoin, you can make a request for payment and that 500 FCs are equivalent to $5 USD.

ForumCoin Is not a Scam

It has a trust rating of 100% according to ScamAdviser which determines the integrity of the site or forum based on the existing activities of the said site or forum.

ForumCoin Trust Rating

I have been in ForumCoin for  one year already. It was in October 27 that I first joined the site. I have undergone series of challenges on that site. I have been once banned for being too generous in giving reputation rating to my fellow user. My intention is not to abused that particular rating for I want to help the user to regain her reputation which has a negative rating. So I have to catch up with the negative rating she had until it became positive. But the admin, Fergal noticed it and sent me a private message, telling me that my account would be banned. I had no choice but to admit after I give my side as to why I am doing it.

I was later surprised when the banned notice appended to my account was removed. I was thankful then that Fergal had reconsidered my appeal to reinstate me as a regular member.

Since I became member of FC, I had already made several requests for payment and FC made all my requests through my PayPal account.

Now, what are you waiting for? Take your time and join ForumCoin. Feel free to click the image below to register to ForumCoin.

Good luck! See you there.


  1. Thanks for writing about ForumCoin on your blog. Good to see that you are still enjoying our forum community

    1. Don't mention it. I am just a part of your community and I am doing well what is for me as my humble way of expressing my gratitude for your forum.

  2. Thanks for sharing.. I will check on this :)
    I am your friend in myLot -- {Willmah - remember me?}

    1. Thanks friend. Glad you stumble on this blog of mine. I would be glad to see there in ForumCoin. :)


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