Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Journey Continues to Salamanca ES as School Principal

From Cainaman Elementary School, I was transferred to Salamanca Elementary School. This is my second school assignment and it is my first school to handle as a school principal.

Well, I left Cainaman Elementary School with a broken heart. One of my old building was caught by fire due to a faulty wiring according to the report of the Fire Department officer. It started from our property room, near the classroom of Mrs. Teresita Montales, The property room was the safe storage of our condemnable books and some units of school equipment. Those that were kept inside the room including the 80 pieces of plywood to be used in the spot repair of the classroom and ceilings were all consumed by a night fire.

It was a big lesson for me. That is I have to be aware of the electrical connection of the school. When I assumed my office in Salamanca Elementary School with six buildings, I right away check the electrical connections of every building since five of which are classrooms and one is my office, and anything that might pose fire hazard in the school I have to remove it.

I have to make a little adjustment to the 8 teachers I have to supervise since most of them are familiar with me. I have also to get along with the parents, the community and the Punong Barangay of the place.

I still remember how the teachers work with me efficiently like Mrs. Victoria Mendoza, the grade 1 teacher and Mrs. Victoria Gariando, the Grade 2 teacher, Miss Grace Pilar who handles Grade 3 while Miss Eufemia Espartero, Grade 4, Mrs. Rossana Colmenares, Grade 5 and Mrs. Nory Tanongon, Grade 6. Only Mr. Ephraim Almeda is the relief teacher and Mrs. Mailyn Miguel is a kindergarten teacher.

In like manner, I couldn't forget the all-out support of Mr. Ledesma, the owner of the Hacienda where the school is located and the Punong Barangay Benson Pilar to the school. Every year the teachers receive a Christmas gift from the generosity of Mr. Ledesma.

The final look of Salamanca Elementary School in slide video

Next is a journey to the top of the hill, Yubo Elementary School as my third school of assignment. It is one of the farthest schools in the Division of La Carlota City. It belongs to the District II which is composed of schools in Nagasi, Sugar Central, Esperanza, RSB, and La Carlota North Elem. School, the supervising school.

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