Sunday, November 20, 2016

Competency Is Learning By Doing

Senior citizen like me is no exemption for a training on the use of technology. Technology is for everybody. It is for young and old. Since the school is already adopting the modern technology on teaching, it is in need for every school head and teacher to keep themselves abreast of this advanced technology in education particularly in the use of computers and other related media for teaching.

From education, we may proceed to a situation which it could be a million chance of anyone who could possess this valuable gem - a monstrous gem so to speak. This man is an ordinary fisherman who finds this fortune for himself in which he had kept for the reason which he could only say. This is a rarest among the rare opportunities ever.

Back again to education, learning is a never-ending pursuit for knowledge. School children, students are struggling hard to have a better education so that their future would be secured. Teachers are no exemption too. Teaching competency is partially acquired from actual studies and it is enhanced and improved by actual teaching. Since there is advent of modern technology, they have to update themselves too.

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These are the three separate topics I have developed and posted to my blogbourne online writing post. Take time reading more on them.

1. Senior Citizens and Computers: Teaching an Old Dog New Tech

Completing a Challenging Computer Training – With a Little Help from My Friends! I just completed our 3-day seminar workshop called “The Use of Technology for Management of Operations.” Most of the participants were new school heads of the 24 schools in our division. They needed the training. I was the only senior citizen among them. I was often called upon by the resource person since I was seated in front. When I failed to react or I missed the question, they laughed at me. I joined with them too.

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2. Filipino fisherman unknowingly found the “world’s largest pearl”, estimated worth of $100M

Would he be an instant millionaire? There are many instances where people became an instant millionaire with almost just a blink of an eye. Some may have it by winning the lottery. Others may get it by working hard abroad where sometimes they are rewarded for being a faithful and honest servant.

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3. As Long as Teachers are in Service, We Can Never Stop Learning

Learning has no end as long as teachers are in service. We can’t do away with this, not even as the heads of our respective schools. We’re just like a glass of juice. Once it is empty, it needs to be refilled. Teachers in my district recently completed a 3-day seminar-workshop on ICT and now we’ve just attended another 3-day seminar on the Result-based Performance Management System (RPMS).

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