Tuesday, November 15, 2016

When Is Justice Just? Why Losing Job Worth Remembering?

Animals like humans have also the right to live. They should be taken care of, fed well, and have a roof to take shelter of. But in our place, it is disgusting to see animals especially cats and dogs which are maltreated. If those culprits are being reported to the agency concerned, no one is giving it attention. Whose fault is that?

Justice in the Philippine is seemed to be elusive. Well, it is because the justice icon or symbol is blindfolded and "she" sees nothing but she could hear; she could feel; she could think of what is right and proper. Conscience may dictate her what is right but it is not the basis of justice system so to speak. Therefore, when could the justice be considered as just? And when is justice unjust?

So much with the inhumane treatment of animals, with justice of injustice in one's country. Let;s talk about the job which provides bread and butter for a family. Losing a job is a painful and stressful fate for the head of the family to have. Is it worth remembering how a father or a mother lost his/her job?

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1. Cruelty to a Neighbor’s Pets: Where is Your Heart?

Our son-in-law, who drives a motorized tricycle, brought home two little kittens one day. He saw them along the road, thrown away there by the owner. That is how the cat owner disposed of the excess litters of their female cat. It’s inhumane, I should say. Kittens have the right to live, just like the humans.

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2. Can You Remember When You Lost Your First Job?

It’s heartbreaking to recall the day that I lost my job at the bank. I was working in a Rural Bank, a small community banking institution that catered to the financial needs of small sugarcane planters and businessmen. The bank also kept savings accounts of workers, government employees, and others. The owner of the bank was a coffee tycoon in Batangas. A college instructor and a newspaper man ran the bank.


3. Where Is the Appropriate Justice?

This is a retrospective of injustices that occurred in the Philippines. Recently, some of the 100.9 million Filipino people are thankful and happy. They remember Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr. (“Ninoy”) who died for his country, the Philippines. Through Ninoy’s wife, the Philippines lost democracy during a period of martial law.

In the Philippines, the poor, the needy, and the oppressed declare justice evasive. The ordinary Filipino says it is for the rich, the influential people in the society.


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