Sunday, December 25, 2016

Why Should The People Stop Asking Gifts at Christmas?

The scripture is  definite in expressing that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Is this particular passage in the Bible being misunderstood or utterly neglected by everyone who believes the Bible contains the word of God?

Three Kings/Geralt/Pixabay/Public Domain
Three Kings/Geralt/Pixabay/Public Domain
Christmas doesn't mean anything else except the coming of the Messiah as foretold by the prophets of old. Isaiah prophesied several hundred years that a son is given and He could be called as the Prince of Peace, among others. A heavenly messenger had awakened the shepherds on the field from their sleep and told then where the babe in a humble clothes was born. And also a mighty star had guided the three wise men to where the King of Kings was laid and they offered the greatest gifts of all.

Those people offered their humble selves and adored the baby Jesus whom the Heavenly Father sent to the world to save the sinners. It is a perfect gift the Father ever given to the people of the world, who come short of the glory of God. Jesus Christ Himself died on the cross to prove on how He is obedient to the will of His Father. Now the rest were a history handed down from one generation to another.

Christmas as a Tradition

Every December, this nativity is being talked and talked about. Christmas has become a tradition among Christians, old and young. Different religious denomination took this memorable event on their regular homily every Sunday until the Christmas Day. A culmination rites are held to this effect. They all come from all nooks and corners of the community to see this infant Jesus on the eve of December. They come home spiritually filled up. They celebrate with their family, eating their foods for their midnight meal or "noche buena" among the Filipinos.

Now the point of this celebration is the kids, the youths and even adults asking for gifts from their parents, relatives, friends, and those sponsors for their christening or baptism. What is their point? Does it has a spiritual advantage for that practice? It is indeed a tradition in our country the Philippines.

Spirituality of Christmas

Let's go down to the spiritual sense of this Christmas. Christ is born on Christmas Day to manifest the unfeigned love of His Father to all mankind especially those who are sinners. Jesus' birth has paved the way for everyone to believe that there is hope for him to be saved and to get back to the presence of God in a due time. In so doing, everyone since indebted to Father's love, to Jesus' birth should be the one to offer himself to God as a gift in return to Father's greatest love.

They should be reminded that God has a great love that anybody who believes with Jesus whom He gave to the world, would find an everlasting life. Thus, they should be grateful and would reciprocate that kind of love by offering themselves. Do the people realize it? If they do, why are they asking for a gift?

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