Thursday, January 12, 2017

Reasons Why Online Shoppers Appreciate the Option of Live Chat

Owners of the most successful online stores understand that shoppers like to be given lots of options. So, instead of giving shoppers just one way to contact customer service, they give customers several choices. Some of those choices include email, telephone, traditional mail and live chat. Live chat services allow customers to instant message a customer representative with questions, product issues and more. Consider just a sampling of reasons why many of today’s online shoppers appreciate the opportunity to live chat with the customer representatives of an online store.

Getting Clarification

Some online shoppers connect with a customer representative via live chat to get clarification on products or services in the store. For instance, a shopper may chat with a representative of an online clothing shop to inquire about the color of a cardigan sweater. The sweater looks navy blue in the product photo, but it’s advertised as royal blue. A knowledgeable representative would be able to confirm or describe the actual color of the sweater to the shopper. Though this live chat session would probably only last a few minutes, it may convince the shopper to purchase the sweater.

Information on Special Discounts and Upcoming Sales

Some shoppers enjoy utilizing live chat to inquire about special discounts offered by an online store. Also, they can chat with a representative about upcoming sales or even flash sales. Consequently, shoppers get the information they need and an online store gets to connect in a more personal way with its customers.

Getting Knowledgeable Advice

Live chat is sometimes used by customers who want advice regarding an item that will be used for a specific purpose. For instance, a shopper may visit an online plumbing supply store to purchase a replacement part for a kitchen sink. The person finds one part, but wonders about the size of another part that is also necessary for the job. After talking with a trained representative via live chat, the customer ends up with the right parts to complete the repair work. Giving customers recommendations via live chat is an easy way for an online store to avoid returns and make additional sales.

Issues Solved Quickly 

There are many shoppers who access live chat when they have an issue with an order or a product. For example, a customer may chat with a customer representative of an online store to find out if an order is on its way. The representative can check into the issue to see if the package is being delivered on time. If it's not, the representative can explain the situation and give the customer an estimated date of delivery. Live chat is a quick and efficient route to get order issues resolved to a customer’s satisfaction.

Finally, online store owners who include a live chat option are making their business more customer-friendly. Shoppers who feel they can contact an online store at any time with questions or issues are likely to become loyal customers.


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