Friday, March 24, 2017

Blind Student Graduated Cum Laude

Anthony Mark Emocling, 23 of Baguio City, PH finished his Political Science Degree in the University of Baguio City graduate Cum Laude last March 24, 2013.

Anthony became blind when he was 10 years old. His retina in both eyes was detached and made him unable to see.

Anthony was raised by a loving father, Cecilio who is only a taxi driver and his mother, Angela is only a housewife. His parents were able to raise him including his two sisters, Apple and Angel in a small business tendered by his mother.

He started his schooling in the said university as he managed by himself. The university is just a 15-minute walk from their residence.

Anthony is not the only person with a disability who is determined to live a normal life, to pursue a career, and to do whatever he wants to achieve. He is able to communicate and interact with his friends in Facebook through a talking computer.

I have friend who is also a blind from birth. His name is Melchor Adiadan Tumbos. Now he is a successful teacher in the special education class in Bacolod City. He is an adept speaker and a creative writer. He leads a group or an association of disabled persons in Bacolod.

Another one is a blind Hong Kong professor Engineer. He is the hubby of our best friend.  He is Steve Fung, a college professor in the University of Hong Kong. We have an unexpected meeting with our friend sometime in October 15, 2011, 2 days after our birthday.

How We Become Friends?

As I watched a TV news on a blind student who graduated cum laude, I right away searched the net and I found several references on Mark Anthony Emocling, especially in Facebook.

I requested him to be one of his friends and he didn't fail me. After the night that news about him, we became friends, fast friend. He is a humble fellow. He replied every question I asked him.

Persons with Disability (PWD) Is a Normal Person

"Failure is not a hindrance to success" goes a saying that inspires Mark, Melchor and even the rest of those who are inflicted by disabilities of any form. Their frailties or physical disabilities do not obstruct them of attaining their ambitions in life and especially to live a life like the normal individual.

Mark, congratulations! Godspeed!

Hope is the only thing that is stronger than fear. from the movie, The Hunger Games.
Is this okay? What do you think, Mark?

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