Monday, June 12, 2017

Environment Freedom: 'Source of Life'

"FREEDOM" for the ENVIRONMENT. Andrew Eusebio Tan, President of Network of Education Environment stressed this in his Philippine Independence message as a guest speaker in a simple and austere program held at the public plaza of La Carlota.

The country is now facing the crises in various aspect and the most latest one is the Marawi Siege but it is not the issue on freedom which Tan developed. Instead he focused more on every Filipino's responsibility to "free" the environment on its deteriorating condition by "connecting" themselves to it. This is the "freedom" which in all generation to come would surely benefit from it unless they don't do their part seriously.

He enumerated the "possible" courses of action for everyone to follow or to practice. Environment concern is no joke. No one is excused of not taking his part for "environment" is the "source of life". He did his best time in presenting his "plan" which he took him 15 minutes to expound them.

Concept on Environment

Environment is no ordinary term which is interpreted as plain as it is. It has a deeper meaning among those who live on it, those who use, and those who take advantage of it.

For English teacher, environment it may be referred to as a compound word with symbolic meaning. For the environmentalist, it would be a battle cry. For the politician, it may be a slogan. For policy maker, it is an instinct to do and to fix it through innovation.

Every Filipino's responsibility to "free" the environment on its deteriorating condition is by "connecting" themselves to it.

'Man by Nature Is an Enemy'

Our discourse of our relationship with nature could be summed up as love-hate relationship depending on the weather. "We love nature anytime. We start to hate or curb it when it causes damage to us." In natural law, it has to fight back. All man can do to enumerate the number of casualties in the process. And we never learned the lessons.

Floral offering at the monument of Jose Rizal

Floral offering at the monument of Andres Bonifacio

Environment Education

Taking the lead of Philippine Network of Education Environment which is composed of 48 state colleges and universities with almost 1,000 membership, he informed that they look up the passing of Republic Act 9512, "Environmental Awareness Education Act of 2008" as the panacea of their relationship with the environment. Unfortunately, those in education sector saw it as "a band aid solution" which they won't put on action where the mind was, that is, to make them no more relevance and painstakingly meaningful.

The major issues on environment may include the climate change and the conflicting land use. For land use, converting the farm land to a subdivision.

Protecting the Environment

Making the environment protected may be looked up in a different point of views as there are several types or kinds of people depending on their status in life. Our knowledge about the environment does not necessarily reflect the action and the behavior to possible reversal of environment quality for it is easier said than done.

Possible Practices for Environment Quality

1. Segregate our wastes.
2. Plant more tress.
3. Reduce the "carbon footprint".
4. Conserve water.
5. Go organic.

Dr. Tan comprehensively explained those things and citing some dismal bad practices which had never learned. Our actions and behavior do not necessarily reinforce those facts. We continue and deliberately do those (bad) practices the will and mindset to pursue. People collectively act during disaster like typhoon, flooding, earthquake. The high level of participation is highly manifested.

Indispensable Needed of Change

The need to change is indispensable as what the Kalayaan 2017 so expressed for "common future" especially the national renewal for coming up of common future "without exception". In so doing, the following would be achieved:

1. Livable environment
2. Sustainable environment practices
3. Manifested harmony of people among themselves

He winded up by saying that do our best. Help other without exception. We don't need disaster. Instead the freedom that we have now is just only a dream. For some civic-minded individual particularly those present this morning, it is indeed an opportunity to reflect. It is the power for the present generation to embrace these things for we want the next generation to enjoy. We should't be indifferent and have apathetic attitude towards this "source of life".

These would be possible in partnership, collaboration, and discussion of things needed change. Thus, these would come to reality.


The City of La Carlota celebrated the 119th Philippine Independence in a simple and austere program attended by government employees, the teachers, and the CAT students of the high school and the non-government organizations.

The program started with the flag raising and Rev. Father Jovie M. Lemoncito, Priest of Our Lady of Peace Parish, La Carlota led the prayer.

The floral offering of various agencies ensued to the monument of Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, and Veterans' Marker within the vicinity of the plaza.

Ms. Juanita C. Magan introduced the guest speaker, Andrew Eusebio Tan, Ph. D., Campus Director of Carlos Hilado Memorial State College, Fortune Towne, Bacolod.

Madam Malacapay of La Carlota City College led the singing of "Heaven Watch the Philippines" with La Carlota Trekkers Scout of the Dona Hortencia Salas Benedicto National High School to conclude the program.

Ms. Alma M. Gonora was the emcee.


  1. I agree with the statement of Mr Andrew Eusebio Tan, we should protect the environment that gives us life - not just for us but most specially to the children our our children, to our future.

  2. Taking care of the environment should be demonstrated in all Schools like setting an excursion to plant a tree, clean-the-street drive, etc. Not just a verbal lecture. In my school days, our teacher only lecture us about preserving the Environment verbally.

  3. These are interesting insights about the conservation of the environment and worth heeding as well. - Wanderer Juan

  4. taking care of the environment are everybody's concern, as much as possible at young age let the kids be aware of caring the environment

  5. I think we should raise more awareness in taking care of the environment for people to be more educated and aware of how to do it.

  6. 'Man by Nature Is an Enemy' I completely agree with this one... we should all be aware of this matter especially now that we are on a great environmental crisis and global warming is becoming a serious threat yet this matter is often being overlooked.. I wish the government can come up with many environmental projects but then again, the community should also cooperate with this one to make it work

  7. Man is an enemy of nature. We are supposed to be the custodians and caretakers, but because of ignorance, our "development" is selfishly destructive of nature.

  8. Our environment is a gift we should never take for granted. We get everything from it and we should protect it. Thanks for this thoughts. Simple waste segration can help a bunch!

  9. Haha, I couldn't help but feel that the article is a direct aim at Trump for not believing in environment. Well... people's choice!

  10. The problem is Men has to think about it more! We are still so enemy of the nature!

  11. Our Environment is what makes our life colorful, it is actually life for all of us. I'm also one of those who keep spreading awareness about loving our nature and our mother earth for this is where we live. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful article with us.

  12. Very true! Man by Nature is an enemy! Many a times we do take Nature for granted! Esp the recent Google Wind is really freaky! We are just playing with nature in a scary way!

  13. Everyone wants freedom.. Yet, how many of the people really achieve freedom..

  14. This is why I always believe in blogging regardless of the traffic. Because not all of us are born to be journalist, some, like me, just want to share experiences and learnings.

    For example, this talk by Mr. Tan, not all have listened well or paid attention, I bet on it, even your colleagues and other guests. But because you wrote about it, one day they will relieve the moment and relearn again the messages that once passed on their ears.

    Salute to you for sharing talks and meaningful messages.

  15. We should protect our environment that we have. We should be aware of this matter, especially now that we had an environment crisis. We need to focus more on global warming.


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