Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Keeping Kids Entertained and Engaged

It can be difficult to keep children active during the summer months. Many kids want to sit in front of the television or computer screen all day, but this can be a bad idea. Children need to stay active to avoid developing unhealthy behaviors. Children who are active and who have routines during the summer months will have an easier adjustment when school begins again in the fall.

Set a Routine 

Children do not have to follow a strict routine during the summer, but it is a good idea to have some boundaries. For example, children should still have a designated time to wake up and go to bed each night. Children should also eat healthy meals during the summer, and they should not be allowed to snack on ice cream and unhealthy treats throughout the day. While some late nights and treats are understandable, it is important for children to understand that these are special occasions instead of the normal routine.

Encourage Activities 

Encouraging children to participate in activities during the summer can help them develop social skills. Many towns have local programs available, and children may be able to join summer athletic teams as well. Having a discussion with a child to determine the best activities is important. Children typically perform better at activities they are personally invested in. Instead of forcing kids to participate in a specific activity, encourage children to choose activities they enjoy.

Consider Summer Camps 

Participating in summer camps can bring new experiences to children. Structured activities and social interaction can help children develop critical thinking skills. Summer camps can allow children the opportunity to learn while having fun. If you are searching for a childrens day camp Washington has great options. In addition to other benefits, day camps allow children the chance to meet new people. Many of the activities are often structured so that children learn valuable skills, such as team building.

Having a busy summer will also prevent kids from becoming bored. Children will enjoy becoming part of an exciting routine, and staying busy will present many opportunities for development.


  1. Camps can really be a good learning experience for kids. It's also good to develop good habits as well.

  2. I agree on setting strict one to go to bed and eat and play . Kids have short attention span so better keep activities varied, fun and interesting. Thanks for your inputs.

  3. These are interesting ideas to keep kids engaged, I don't have kids yet but these are nice things to know - wanderer juan

  4. It really is important for children to establish a routine so they don't get a hard time waking up in the morning when school starts. My daughters are in bed at 7-8pm because my eldest have to get up at 5:30am in the morning for school.

  5. truly agree with all, that is why I always make sure that my little man went to a summer activity

  6. Thanks for the tips. I'll bear them in mind when my relative(s) asked me to babysit their children.

  7. Summer is one of the most challenging for me as a mum and my son is just too tricky to keep occupied during the school break. If he will have his way, he'd spend the rest of his days glued on his games but I would love for him to spend more time outdoors and playing games I actually grew up playing, like hide and seek and flying kites!


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