Sunday, June 18, 2017

My Father Is a 'Star'

It's Sunday. It's the 3rd Sunday of the month of June. And Father's Day is observed in our country, especially in our particular Church by the thoughtful members of the Church.

As I woke up early in the morning, I gathered the garbage bin and put it outside for the garbage truck to collect. I cleaned the ground with the falling leaves, the sidewalk with scattered litters.

I left the house past 6 in the morning to buy a coconut water from my friend near the Agora market. When I went home, I took a glassful of coconut water and gave it to my wife who was still in bed arranging our bed sheets, piling up our pillows.

As I handed her the water, she smiled at me, took it and said, "Happy Father's Day!" I hugged her tight and said, "Thank you and I love you!"

What a feeling! A happy one which is beyond description gets into my nerves. It so nice to have the feeling always for it makes you, young and satisfied. Does my wife feel the same way in a similar day for the mothers?

A Simple Token with Profound Meaning

Some selected members of the young men and young women organization in the Church presented a short, special program for the fathers.

They showed a Church-inspired video with a strong testimonies from the key leaders of the Church. Then they rendered a song and concluded the program with a short slide video of some exemplary leaders of the Church with their respective family members.

A gift giving to the fathers present ensued. And I received a humble token given by one of the female youths with a small card attached with the following inscription:

"I love my father as the stars... because of his shinning example."

The small box contains a checkered hankie, colored blue.


 A Father's Day greetings I received at 2:39 in the morning came from my elementary pupils sometime in 1991. The thoughtfulness of Annie Solis Patricio started this special day for all fathers.

This is the messenger message I received as I opened my mobile phone at about quarter to four in the morning. I right away replied her, "Thank you and Happy Father's Day to your father too." "Thank u sir," she replied.

At 5, I received a picture message from our youngest daughter, Geeree. It said, "Sa amun tatay nga very supportive kg mapinalanggaon .... We always love you...HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TATAY!!!"

Another message, I received from our 3rd elder daughter, Gingging: "Happy fathers day sa tanan na tatay! Gil Camporazo, Mon Tolones, Greg Camporazo, Stephen Jaud, Gilbor Camporazo Jr."

My first cousin, Luz Torrefranca also sent me a greeting, "Happy Father's Day... God bless..."

Family Lunch

After our Sunday services, we proceeded to our favorite local eatery and took our hearty lunch there.

Those joined us were youngest daughter, Geeree, and youngest son, Gilbor Junior and his wife, Inday Carissa; our grandchildren, Toto Bryan, Inday Panie and her youngest sister Inday Sophie; Adgel with her father, Almon, our service driver for our humble motorized tricycle; and of course, my beloved wife, Rebing.

Afternoon Date

Past five in the afternoon, we took our snack at our favorite Batchoy store. With 8 pieces of small bread, two bottled mineral water, and a bowl of special batchoy made my special day a happy and a complete celebration.

It is more than enough to renew our friendship, our love life, and our 45-year faithful married life as husband and wife. And this Father's Day is one of the major family celebration to honor the father in the family. This is also one of the opportunities to strengthen the relationship among couples on how they stand and overcome trials and challenges in their lives.

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  1. Happy Fathers Day! It's good that they gave the fathers a really good tribute.

  2. Glad you enjoyed your Father's Day celebration. Belated po!

    I also greeted my partner a day in advance, which we celebrated by going to the arcade and sing our hearts out in their karaoke booth :)

  3. Sir, you are bless with the people around you. Few years back, I organazing events for fathers day and the like in our church. I miss those days. Happy fathers day to you po!

  4. My heart would melt given that someone still remembers you like your pupil from the 90s and gift from your children.

    Belated Happy Father's day to you, Gil!

  5. It's nice to celebrate Dad's day with people you love as seen on this post

  6. A well-deserved tribute. Belated Happy Father's Day po sir Gil.

  7. Belated Happy Father's Day sir. A great father and mentor like you deserve love and respect. And wow to 45 years of marriage. More more years of happy and faithful marriage.

  8. Belated Happy Father's Day to you! It looks like you really had a great one this year. You are surrounded by family who obviously loves and appreciates you. The church celebration honoring fathers was really nice as well. :)

  9. Let me greet you "Happy Father's day po" even if it's late already. Love the message about fathers who are like stars, shining by example. I am thankful for my father, too, who is like the stars.

  10. Happy father`s day! It was great that the people around you cared for you and appreciated you. May God be with you.

    ❀ Grace ❀

  11. It's nice that you got to wrap up your day at your favorite batchoy place. You really had a complete day.

  12. Belated Happy Father's Day to you. I'm sure you deserve all the honor and appreciation you received that day. May you continue to be happy with your family and people around you!

  13. Happy father's day po! Great fathers like you deserve to be recognized. Now I miss my tatay, we live far away from each other and I miss him and nanay. By December we'll see them again, I'm sure it'll be another happy reunion.

  14. It was nice to see how you celebrate the Father's Day.
    It really gives a great feeling that someone appreciates you as a father.

  15. Wow! This is beautiful! Such a touching, personal way to express your love for the first hero of your life!

  16. I'm glad they managed to make a difference to your day and that will slowly amounts to a big difference! Thanks for being grateful and sharing your joy!

  17. Happy Father's Day! What a beautiful way to create new memories.

  18. Indeed beautiful post! Belated Happy Father's Day to you. It just feel so nice to have your family and friends around you. Thanks for sharing.


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