Monday, July 31, 2017

Gospel in Action: Making Christlike Love Works

Bible passage - Matthew 25:40
In my daily routine of browsing my Facebook, I came across with a heart-breaking situation of Tatay Tonio in the post of Kuy-kuy Joquiño Andrada, one of my friends in FB. I found it worth sharing especially on the simple good deeds of the Leaders of the Church had done for the sad plight of Tatay Tonio.

Welfare program of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints is to help members become self-reliant, to care for the poor and the needy and to give service. In the case of Tatay Tonio, those leaders of the Church had been tested on how they could apply it to a non-member of their Church. Their simple deeds they've done is the greatest ever given to that needy person.

Gospel in Action

Bible Passage - Acts 20: 35

You will be reading the following full text of that post of Julius, which is considered as the Gospel in Action:

I saw my Bishop talking to an old man right in front of the Church's lobby entrance. He was with his two Counselors taking turns, asking information from him. Tatay Tonio, not his real name. At first, I thought he was somewhere in his 60s, but he's still actually in his mid 50s. His hands and feet were full of blisters and wounds—and was too thin. He was wearing a sandal too small for his feet. Tatay Tonio said he got it from an old man who worked with him in the pond. I sat beside him and listened. His eyes were dry and irritated. I asked him if he had eaten. He gave us a mere silence. By the looks of it, it's obvious that he hadn't.
"I need to go back to Antique, my home town. My family doesn't know I'm in Bacolod. All they knew was that I am somewhere in San Carlos City, contracted to work in a Fish Pond." The poor guy told us. Tatay Tonio's job was to pile up heavy bricks of muds. Burning himself under the heat of the Sun. Sinking himself in a knee level mud and filthy waters. Doing these for several weeks, but then the contractors just ran away with his money. He and nine others, were left unpaid.
I took up an ample of what I could offer. Probably enough for him to eat for a day. My Bishop, the Counselors and others gave him enough for him to get to Antique. Tatay Tonio suddenly went silent. The old guy's dry, red irritated eyes started to jerk. Like he doesn't know how to express his gratitude, but you can see it in his eyes.
My Bishop told him; "Uwi kana, hinihintay kana ng pamilya mo." (Go home now, your family is waiting for you. supplied translation) The Bishop's Counselor said; "Before you get to the barge, visit the 7/11 crews who allowed you to sleep and eat outside their store for several days. Go, thank them before going back to Antique."
I too bid my farewell and said. "Eat a lot."
Tears welled down his face. Tatay Tonio wept. He speedily turned his back and went ahead. I could see him wiping up his eyes, literally like a little child as he hurriedly departed from us. Tatay Tonio might now be with his family. Happy and safe at this moment.
Life is how we make it, they say. Where we are or what is happening to us is the result of our own doing. The hardest part is when our predicaments and afflictions are done by people who takes advantage of one another. It's hard to believe that those who are more capable, more able, and more advantaged are the ones who are cunning; Causing misery to others, with the likes of Tatay Tonio. As a Christian nation, shouldn't we be more Christlike? Shouldn't we be the ones who would lift up the sick and the weary? The blood, sweat and tears that Tatay Tonio and the nine others shed for is now being enjoyed by someone who can bear to fill his stomach with indignity.

The Author

Julius Kuy-Kuy Joquiño Andrada is a returned full-time missionary of The Church of Jesus of Latter-day Saints. He is currently the Ward Young men President. He is the Enrollment Committee Chairman at Institute Student Council, Bacolod Philippines Institute of Religion.



  1. This is a really interesting post. I am not familiar at all with that kind of stories. Good to read something different. I agree that the turns our lives take depend only on us

  2. I'm not too big on reading religious stories but I am familiar with their power to inspire. This is such a lovely thing to share :)

  3. It's nice to see Julius in Action at such a young age. It's also nice that he has touched the lives of people around him.

  4. Thank you for sharing this. Let's stop causing misery to others. We all have different experiences and circumstances, so let us stay humble and kind to others because there is more happiness in giving.

  5. I believe that regardless of faith, we all have this project to serve other people. :) This is very inspiring. The Church is really true. The act is giving more than just money. The love is truly there.

  6. Terrible how some people can just take advantage of poor people like this. It is maddening how things like this can happen. God bless people who help other people out from situations like this.

  7. You have an amazing testimony to our Lord. Thank you for sharing this!

  8. This is so disheartening and heartening at the same time! Its depressing what Tatay Tonio went through, but its nice what the church did for him.

    "Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.
    Blessed are the merciful,for they will be shown mercy.
    Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God."


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