Friday, August 4, 2017

Epithet: 'When something's Lost, Something's Gained'

This is a retold heart-breaking life story of a wife who lost her husband and leaving her their 5 kids. I am referring to Sister Roda Ligahe whose husband, Rojie Belarmino is a returned missionary and Branch President of La Castellana, Branch, La Carlota Philippines District, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and died untimely of a disease, hypokalemia (low potassium).

Here's her sad story of her life (translated from her local dialect, Ilonggo and posted in Tumandok, another website of this blog admin):

"I started growing up from my grandparents for my parents were separated. I was 8 years old when I became member of the Church (Mormon) in which I had a personal testimony of the Church. After 2 years of my membership in the Church, I met my first husband. I was 11 years old at that time and he was 17 years old. Before our friendship started to bloom he went in a mission in 1993 and returned in 1995. Our communications were difficult for there's no Internet. We're just sending letters and I knew he was assigned to Nueva Ecija.

After his mission he received a calling as a Stake Seminary Supervisor and I was a seminary student. He visited me in Pulupandan always. I never thought of anything else about his visit for we're just friends. But when he asked me when is my 18th birthday, my heart bit fast. I was terribly anxious for there's something behind of his query. But for me I treated him as my brother.

  President Rojie Belarmino
President Rojie Belarmino
When I reached 18 years old, he started courting me and I got no second thought I accepted him. We got married when I reached 19 years old in the Temple. Then, he started receiving "heavy" callings in the Church. He was Branch President for 8 years and I was the Primary President for 7 years. Out of our marriage, we got 5 kids who are all girls.

We had experienced lots of trials. He had a low potassium but he's able to recover from it. I felt that we're blessed. Time comes that he's to give up and thus, he died suddenly.

A week before he died he had talked lots of things, signs that when he's gone I won't leave our children unattended for the Lord will bless us. The last time before he died, I saw him kissing his children who were asleep. He woke me up and said that I won't have to worry if he will leave them for he won't forsake them. Some things had come to my mind why he said those things? Then we prayed together and after 2 hours I fell asleep. he woke me up, telling me that he couldn't breathe anymore. I felt that the earth has falling on it when I saw him collapsed and he became pale... and he's dead.

As I looked at our children who were sleeping, my heart ached for I pitied him. He was rushed to the hospital but he's dead on arrival (DOA).

God Never Leaves His Children

In his wake, a question bothered me, why is he dead for we need him? While turning my back, I felt something has comforting me, something cold. Then a Church leader approached me and gave me counsel, "Sister, don't worry. The Lord is always there for us. He will never leave us... because He loves us." And I was comforted.

Roda and Mark
Roda and Mark
One thing he said to me, "Once God has taken away, there's something worthy for you to receive." This is probably the 2nd chance of love that I met one person who has a good character and super behaved and supportive and humble person. My second husband (Mark Hatton) has that attitude. He is an active member of the Church, a widower and no child. He has the calling of Young Men President in UK. We got married on December 23, 2016.

But before I met him I've experienced lots of trials. I've been a laundry woman, barber, restaurant helper, selling vegetables, and other menial jobs just to support our children with Rojie. But when I met my 2nd husband, my children (Abish Park, Rejien Sariah, Reajien Laneah, Rajien Leah, and Rijien Hannah), and I were contented and comfortable. I am so thankful that I am a member of the Church and I live the Gospel in my life. I know that Lord always holding my hands when I need him. That's why, I never give up on him. I love His words and example for us.

The Kids with their 2nd Pa

With Roda Ligahe Hatton and Mark Hatton at the back, Reajien Laneah Belarmino, Rijien Hannah Belarmino,
Rajien Leah Belarmino, Rejien Sariah Belarmino and Abish Park.
 What a happy family
What a happy family under the care and love of Mark Hatton
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  1. I'm starting to love this site. So many inspiring stories to read. Keep it up.

  2. Such a touching story. Glad to know that Roda found a second chance to love. <3

  3. This is such a touching story. Thank you for sharing it.

  4. I do believe that every door closes, a new door or window opens. You should always look on the bright side of things. Keep positive always.l

  5. Well, your statement is really true... When one door is close, another new window will opens for the sun to shine... Always look out for opportunity and stay positive!

  6. OMG! This is really sad! May his soul rest in peace!
    God is indeed generous to have given His devotee, a second chance in love & life!

  7. Very inspiring. Challenges in life is God's way of saying He has won every battlw so we don't need to worry 😊


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