Friday, October 6, 2017

5 Tips for Throwing an Awesome Party

Maybe you're celebrating an important birthday or anniversary. Maybe you just want to hang out with some friends in your lobackyard. Regardless of the occasion, here are just a few suggestions for throwing a party that will delight and impress all of your guests.

1. Keep the Drinks Flowing

One of the secrets to a memorable party is to buy more alcohol than you think you need. Nothing will kill the mood faster than a drought in the middle of the festivities! Even if there are leftover bottles after everyone has gone home, you can always stash them in the pantry for your <i>next</i> party.

2. Play Games

It doesn't matter if it's a simple trivia contest or an extensive locked-room mystery. By giving your guests something to do other than stand around and nurse their drinks, you'll keep them lively, engaged and having fun. As a bonus, games can be a great way to bring together people from different areas of your life who might not know each other.

3. Focus on Other People, Not Yourself

Speaking of bringing folks together, you should always pay more attention to your guests than yourself. Are they having a good time? Could you be making any introductions or steering a hungry person towards the buffet table? Prioritize their experience instead of your own if you're serious about being a good host or hostess.

4. Rent Party Equipment

Do you remember how much fun that you had as a small child in a bouncy house? You can give the same excitement to your grown-up guests with things like cornhole rentals. These kinds of party games are something that they don't get to enjoy in their everyday lives, so they'll love the opportunity to try something new at your party.

5. Keep the Mess to a Minimum

There's a reason that finger foods are popular at parties. As soon as you bring plates, bowls, glasses, forks and napkins into the mix, you're just asking for messes. Not only are people more likely to spill, but there will also be more trash after the fact.

These are just a few tips for throwing an amazing party that everyone will love. As you can see, there's more to the venture than arranging some chips and drinks on a fold-out table, so take the time to make your evening a memorable one!

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