Saturday, November 11, 2017

Agape: Sales' Personal Mantra

( This is a repost of Ma'm Gladys Amylaine Dechavez Sales' post from her FB account. Permission has been granted. - The Editor)

AGAPE - my personal mantra:

by Gladys Amylaine Dechavez Sales

1. ACCEPT your entire you! Know yourself fully, recognize that you are a good & beautiful gift from God, and that you are created & meant to do something better. Love, take good care & respect yourself... For this will allow you to love, take good care & respect others...

2. GIVE THANKS & be GRATEFUL to God for everything, despite the odds! A grateful heart is a happy soul. A thankful mindset invites sure blessings & more abundance!

3. APPRECIATE yourself & everything around you. Make it a habit to always see the good in everything, focus on what is good in every situation, and turn the negative into something positive. Recognize the true, the good, and the beautiful in life... Count your blessings! You are what you think!

4. PRAY everyday, start & end your day with a prayer... Sincerely offer your life & work as your daily prayer to God! Give your all to Him to be used as an instrument of His Will, then, willingly allow yourself to flow blissfully along His Plan. Let all you do be done with great Love!

5. EMPATHIZE & understand how others feel. Be kind... Find out how you could affect others positively, how to make others happy. Then, EXCEL to your best. One can truly excel after he has learned to empathize - so that, as one excels, he doesn't step on the other person. He just competes within himself as he becomes his greatest, highest & most beautiful self. He also knows how to really take good care of his environment. All for the glory of his Creator...❤❤❤

God bless po sa ating lahat! (to all of us!)

About the author:

She's a Licensed Professional Teacher (LPT, 1995), a biologist, an environmentalist & a progressive nationalist leader. She's also a Reg Nurse (2nd course, 2007). She started as Teacher 1 (1997), MT 1 (2004), Sch Head (P1 to P3, 2008-2012), EPS 1 (2013), ASDS (2014-present), now OIC-SDS, DepED Negros Occ. She was Federation Pres of Bacolod Teachers having alliance w/ ACT Bacolod. She's as a colleague, a fellow teacher - to interact, listen, share ideas, & assist anyone, only up to the extent of what she can afford to do. She urges everyone to enjoy their friendly collaboration as far as DepEd is concerned.


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