Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Ready to Go to Tuetego!

Tuetego is my new found online job writing earning site. One of my myLot user followers cited this in her discussion. She finds it interesting to work on as another site which she could earn extra income, I find it myself interesting too. Especially the earning is in Euro currency.

To satisfy my curiosity, I am ready to go to Tuetogo. Here I come!

Coming to Tuetego

In tuetego, I could make use of my precious time working well and earn money. As I started, I have right away a friend. I would like to mention him. He is from India. He is Bibinvarghese, the username he is using in that site.

I started posting my first two articles but in the wrong page. I composed them and submitted them in publish button. They should be in article button function.

"Christmas greetings" is my first post I published on December 15, 2017. My second post is "2017 Christmas Festival of Lights.' And first article is "Peace on Earth: Festival of Lights Inspiration"

Fun and Friendly Site

As of this writing, I have followed 49 friends and 37 followers. Some of them are my fellow users in one or two online writing sites I am currently working with. Most of them are funny. Talking to them is like chatting in a Facebook. The photos shared by them are interesting, original in form.

Indeed the work is easy. I have to write something like greetings, thoughts, situationer and post then just like social media. I may write about any subjects or topics and  submit them as articles. Submit original images and I may share my articles from my various blogsites or websites which I maintain or own.

Articles are rated by fellow users as to their relevance, quality and length of writing in order to earn. Articles earn better than writing posts which only receive likes and comments from the members.


As a newbie, I already earn €0.81 which is equivalent to Php48.14 for €1.00 is P59.43.

Earnings are requested and be paid through PayPal account. I don't have to worry for I have already a PayPal account. And the minimum cash out to be made is 5 Euro.

Registered address

Tuetego Ltd
Company number 10506878
223c Lakeside House,
1 Furzeground Way,
Stockley Park, Heathrow
UB11 1BD United Kingdom

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