Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Running Out of Ideas on What to Write? Here's How to Remedy It

(This is a repost of article I have written to myLot under the title, "How Not to Run Out of Topic for myLot?")

Writing is not for everyone. It's a skill which could be acquired by learning, by practicing it, by modeling but not all is going to be a writer.

Writing is an art. It takes varoius style or methods which the writer is comfortable with it. Here in myLot most of users aren't used to writing. They consider this site as another form of social media like Facebook in which in any manner it's not. They post trivial things which have less or no value at all and usually their posts are queries on personal in nature.


Anyway I am doing my best to give you some techniques so that you may not be running out of ideas or topics for discussion.

1. Unforgettable Experience. You could serialize it by events, chapter or category. It could be done in three to four series.

2. Do It Yourself (DIY) projects. You could present it step by step, by outline and giving a description of it. It could be presented in three to four batches including marketing.

3. Documenting a Book in the Bible. You may use Psalms with 150 Chapters. This means you could have 150 posts equivalent to 5 months if you post each chapter per day. All you have to do is - give the mean idea or topic sentence of each chapter. Relay it to your life experience or from others testimony.

4. News Feed. Search the Internet of the trending news. Read the comments or reactions of the readers. Get the consensus and present the issue for discussion in your own words Don't copy it for you'll be violating the copyright law.

5. Say it in a Song. Pick the popular songs regardless of time of popularity. Present why it's popular. Identify the audience, their age group and the rationale why they like the music and the song artist as well.

6. Money Matters. Refrain from discussing instant money making, lottery or any form of gambling but rather discuss successful business entrepreneurs, who's who in the field of marketing by emphasizing how they become successful. State their worth emulating traits why they become successful. Be careful not to plagiarize.

7. Walk Their Talk. Look for exemplary persons in various fields of endeavor, who serve as the model of humanity. Emphasize their exemplary character. You may connect it with yourself or to any members of your family.

8. Negative Outlook. Trials and challenges have a bad effect to everyone. They discourage them. They lead people to give up. But when these things are overcome, the affected individuals become resilient, strong and determined until they reach the pedestal of success. Look for these things and write about them.

These are some of the techniques in making writing worth reading. The number of words to keep may not be less than 300 words. It may be more, the better. Don't forget to observe the mechanics in writing. However, myLot is not strict about good English or grammar.

Good luck.

Copyright © 24 September 2017 by Gil Camporazo (Nocturnal Writer)

image credits: Free-Photos /Pixabay/Public Domain

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