Monday, February 26, 2018

What Best Fitness Program for Senior Citizens?

(This is a repost of my article posted in Literacy Base site entitled "What Appropriate Fitness for a Senior Citizen?" written on April 20, 2017.)

Is there a best fitness program for senior citizen like me?

I have just retired from government service last October 2016. Now I am a “freeman”, meaning I have no routine job to do for I have satisfied my 25 years in service in the Department of Education. I had been to 6 elementary schools as a school head. I had handled various types of teachers as well as pupils, parents and other stakeholders of the school.

Now, all those things had made me of what I am now enjoying the fruits of my labors, the so-called retirement. Now, I am free. I don’t have an employer to serve anymore. I want to enjoy my life to the fullest.

I want to have a “running condition” kind of life. What I mean is a happy, contented, and a healthy lifestyle. And one of the factors that could contribute to it is a healthy heart. I want to have a very good exercise. I have already started an early morning brisk walking.

Brisk Walking

Everyday, I walk around 8 kilometers around our small city by passing the least traffic city streets. Thirty minutes in the morning and another 30 minutes in the late afternoon. I check the number of calories. So far my mobile phone app has registered 461 calories. Is that alright? I am very sorry for I don’t know how to interpret that data.

By the way, I am very particular with my food intake. For breakfast, I eat a cup of oatmeal mixed with a milk powder. For my lunch, a cup of rice with a fish in a vegetable, and a glass of concentrated apple juice are enough for me. And a soft diet follows as my dinner.

Sometimes, I eat a piece or 2 pieces of banana after every meal. Recently I have checked my weight. I lost 2.5 kilos from 70 kilos. I am hoping that I could bring it to 60 kilos.

What else could I have being 65 of age could handle the kind of exercise?

image credits: pixabay,. public domain


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