Sunday, July 22, 2018

After Retiring, Then What?

This is the ordinary question that keeps on haunting me while waiting for 100 days to retire from the government service. By October 2016, I would be completing my 25 years in the Department of Education as a classroom teacher, a head teacher, and a school principal.

I would be missing my previous teachers, my co-administrators and especially my 7 schools which 6 out of these schools, I had administered and supervised the teachers and had a communication with the stakeholders particularly the parents and the community elected officials who had worked for hand in hand with me for the good of the school and for the academic welfare of the pupils.

By the way, I am a public elementary school principal and I would be retiring from the said position. It would mixed feelings of sadness, excitement, and happiness.

I would be sad for I would be leaving my efficient, supportive teachers. I would be sad for I would be missing the kids who need my kind, generous attention to supervising them for them to receive a quality education as expected by the DepEd. I would be sad for I would no longer talking with the problematic parents, the inquisitive resident of the community.

It would be, of course, the height of excitement to free myself from the tedious job of administering, supervising the school. It would be a feeling of excitement to relieve myself of copious, monthly reports and documents to submit to the Division Office. I am excited to live as an ordinary citizen, as a private community resident.

And it would be the everlasting happiness to be with my own family, with my beloved, ever-supportive wife. I could spend much time with her, talk to her unpressured, and have a date with her as often as I would. We will be together waking up, strolling together, and taking a daily brisk walking around the community. The more we get together, the happier we are.

By the age of 65, I would be creating my new world. What kind of world would it be? Would be colorful? Wonderful? Is it a bed of roses? Or would it be the other way around? I hope it wouldn’t be!

I would be devoting my ample time to serving the Lord. My wife and I would be happy to serve the members of our Church in our own unique way and according to the will of the Lord. We will do our best to keep our baptism covenant to make our family together forever. For we know we could do it. We have already done the ordinance in keeping that commitment inside the temple of the Lord.

We will be living as usual sans reporting to school, attending conferences, meetings in relation to my administrative job as a school head. It would be a new hope, a new horizon, a new life.


n.b, - A repost of my article of the same title to the defunct Blogbourne writing site which was shut down for lack of maintenance.

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