Saturday, July 21, 2018

I Have Found It!

An explanation why I used the username of Nakitakona when I joined the Blogbourne writing site. That is the English translation of my username for the information of everybody here. “Na Kita Ko Na” is our local dialect which is equivalent to the expression used by a Greek mathematician Archimedes who shouted in excitement after finding a solution to his experiment. He raised his voice by saying, “Eureka!” That means “I have found it!”

I have been using Nakitakona in every online writing sites to reflect for myself how thankful I am, how grateful I am for joining such sites which I could in any way earn a penny for that matter. It is an opportunity for me to put my writing skill in action. I could apply it by sharing what comes to my mind, what prompts me to write to benefit my readers, my followers in doing so.

Have you not noticed that 13 is appended at the last of the said username I have? Thirteen is my lucky number. I never believe that number is unlucky. I would eliminate that superstition that 13 is doomed to be unfortunate and whoever has it would have a bad luck. It is a big lie. It is rationally a big mistake. By carrying that number in my life has given a lot of blessings which I have received. Besides, 13 is my birthdate. Therefore, I would take care of it and be proud of it too.

Nakitakona13 is your new humble member of this site. I am at your service as far as sharing of thoughts, ideas are concerned. It would be my motto of writing to share. And it is in sharing that I would express how I care. Therefore, it is in caring that I share. It is in sharing that I write. I am hoping that everyone would do the same. Thought we write to earn as our purpose of joining it here, but the appropriate foundation is our attitude towards our fellows.

I may quote what the Bible says, “If thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.” This is what the Lord has said to Moses. In application, conversion is what you feel something good, something wonderful. This something must need to be shared so that others could benefit. So that they could learn from it and could make their life worthy before the eyes of the Lord.

So this is me. This is Nakitakona who takes his simple stand before you to write for information, to write for entertainment, to write for education, and to write what has come to his mind. Writing is no value unless it is shared. It is read. It influences everyone to do good, rather than to destroy.

NAKITAKONA is nothing a knowledge, intelligence, thoughts acknowledged knowing of notable acceptance. If you’re keen enough, you get the message. Try to decipher it. Don’t you? Happy meeting you here guys!
published July 22,2016

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