Friday, August 31, 2018

Commuting: What’s partly in it? (Part 3 of 3 parts)

By Charrie M. Santillan

On Garbage Availability While Traveling

Garbage.  A city ordinance I truly appreciate requires all jeepneys to keep a small garbage bin in the vehicle where passengers can drop their garbage – fast food disposable containers, candy wraps, fruit peels, etc.  What I cannot yet comprehend is - where, the common senses, of those who just throw these pieces behind them, have gone!

Are we aware what contributions we make to the consequence?  Aside from the natural causes, we should perhaps be likewise accountable why it happens.  Several times in my travel routine have I seen passengers who – schooled or otherwise – do not know how to dispose their garbage to their intended keeps.  Freely throwing their garbage behind them while the jeepney treads the road and the thrown garbage flew like kites in the wind, dropped to the ground, carried by the flowing rain water to the drain and clog, along with other wastes from irresponsible citizens as well.  Flood comes next.

What actually prompted me to write about this today is, on my usual travel to the office today, a young man who was seated in front of me took a snow bear candy from his pocket, opened it, and whew, threw the wrap behind him just like that! What if there are others like him in every passenger jeepney who does the same thing he did?  How many candy wraps will there be to clog our drains?

Fellow citizens, how long will it take us all to know how to properly dispose our garbage and unknowingly become a blessing to the community?

When my sons were in elementary they would ask for a plastic bag before they head for school every day.  Classrooms were intently without garbage bins, so as the entire school.  The students were taught to be responsible with their own wastes and garbage!  If they fail to bring a plastic bag, they keep their garbage in their pockets or in their school bags and dispose them in the garbage bins when they get home.

What a good garbage education the students were taught in Sum-ag Elementary School!  I hope all elementary schools teach students this way.  Parents need to be taught this way as well don’t you think so?

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