Tuesday, August 28, 2018

When You Are Careless, Are You Irresponsible Too?

It is wise to generalize that carelessness is synonymous to irresponsibleness. Do you agree with that?

I remember sometime in early 2001 there was a TV episode on the bad effect of not taking care of everyone’s garbage in the community. The flood brought by the typhoon collected all the scattered garbage and pushed them back inside the various houses in the community. That TV short episode had reminded anyone in the community that they should take care of their garbage to avoid the recurrence of that incident.

It is being emphasized then that waste especially solid one should be sorted out and if possible be recycled. Along this environment care which everyone should take it seriously is sanctioned by a law. In the Philippines, it is Republic Act No. 9003. It is a law for an ecological solid waste management program.

Some Filipinos sad to say are not earnest in following that law. You can see a copious of waste could be seen in the canal, along the road, in the backyard. In short, those wastes are unattended by the people. Probably, they’re not aware that waste management is mandatory.

They’re not probably aware that solid waste management as defined by law as a discipline of storing, collecting, and disposing it to conserve the environment by responsive public attitudes

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published July 28, 2016

image credits: pixabay, COO Creative Commons/public domain

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