Saturday, August 18, 2018

Why Monday Is for the Family?

I would say that a Monday evening for the family is the good opportunity for the whole family to communicate with everyone. The father, the mother, and the children would take their time to discuss matters pertaining to their well-being. And I would also say that this really helps a lot.

This particular Monday evening, we call it as the Family Home Evening (FHE) and this is not new. This has been introduced as a simple program for the family to strengthen its members in all aspect of their development from social, economic, educational, and spiritual. It won’t take a two or three hours. The father is the one presiding with the participation of every member who takes charge of the opening and closing prayer, leading the singing of the hymn, game playing, serving the snacks after the program.

The father gives the spiritual insights as supplemented by the wife in addressing the personal problems of the children from financial, educational, to love life. Before the program closes, everything is settled, agreed and in consensus. Everything is spiritually uplifted, inspired and full of God’s love and hopes to live as a family together forever.

I remember in my first month of membership in the Church I led the first family home evening in my family. I really sensed the presence of the Spirit which dictates me on what to do. I was directed to the appropriate references in the modern-day revelation, the Book of Mormon, to share to my family. I remember it was the tree of life.

Have you heard this program of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Family home evening or the family night is a time for the family to strengthen its relationships. The LDS families in this particular time are learning the gospel together, listening to each other’s feelings, thoughts and ideas, and enjoying activities together. Monday evenings are set for this family night.

According to the LDS scripture (see Moses 6:57), it was Adam and Even who started the learning of the gospel in their home. Also in the Bible, particularly in Deuteronomy 6:5–7 and Ephesians 6:4, the prophets counseled parents to teach their children to love God and follow His ways.

I would also say that this practice by the LDS members is heavenly-inspired. You can feel the present of the guiding Spirit when the Gospel is being shared, interacted and a sharing of testimonies done by every member of the family. I have experienced that to my four grandchildren. I had gifted each one of them a scripture, particularly the Book of Mormon. They had read it for the first time and they are yet graders. Their command of vocabulary is too limited by yet they could relay what they had read spontaneously. I was surprised by their actions.

I know they were guided by the Spirit to read, know and feel the spiritual meanings of what they had read. I would testify that those things they’re saying or interpreting based on their inexperienced thoughts were true. I have no second thought. It’s true.

published July 22, 2016

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