Monday, September 17, 2018

Bougainvillea Amazing Flower's Message

When I opened my Tuetego account, a beautiful orange bougainvillea greeted me. I checked who is the poster of that amazing flowering plant. It's one of the images posted by RalRey, one of my followers in Tuetego site. An idea sparked  in me of what I should do of giving him back the favor and this post was realized.

RalRey is following me in Tuetego, the community for amateur writers and artists who publish their articles, photos and other works they want to share. He finds appropriate to post a bougainvillea in one of his posts recently and he tagged me to get connected with me. I do appreciate what RalRey has done. I consider it as a friendship in action, though it is done virtually.

RR, I may call him for short is a prayerful man, the way I describe him based on what he usually on what he submitted to the said site. He loves God above all as faithful servant. He seems to devote his time in serving the Lord. Tuetego, I believe, is one of this means whereby God has brought RR and me closer to each others.

Who is RalRey in real life?

RalRey in real life is Raul Reyes.  He lives in a small town called Río Caribe, in the state of Sucre, in Venezuela. He worked as an educator and cultural promoter for approximately thirty years and now he has retired. He's still quite active in arts and crafts. In the same way, as a man of God and a committed Christian. He dedicates himself in a regular and constant way to the study the Bible. He belongs to the team of teachers of the Sunday Bible teaching of the Congregation that he is attending.

Amazing Bougainvillea Flower

Bougainvillea is a genus of thorny ornamental vines, bushes, and trees with flower-like spring leaves near its flowers. In our place, the Philippines, we call it bugambilia.

It is considered as the official flowers of Tagbilaran City, Philippines. In some countries like Guam, Taiwan, and Malaysia and some cities of California, like Camarillo, Laguna Niguel, San Clemente; cities in Guangdong, province of China, like Shenzhe, Huizhou, Zhuhai, and Jiangmen, and the cities of Okinawa, like Xiamen, Fujian, and Naha.

Other countries in the world call it in the different names like Napoleon, Papelillo, Primavera, Drillingsblume, Santa Rita, Veranera, among others.

This flowering plant has several bright colors. Its regular color is white. And other colors are pink, magenta, purple, red, orange, and yellow.

Flowers are created by God to let man know that He exists. He takes care of them for the man to appreciate His beautiful creation. They signify the great love of God for man.

Thus, bougainvillea for me is one of the many reasons why RR and me so concerned about ourselves as far as God's mind and mighty works are concerned to edify and strengthen our friendship.

Thank you, RR for the beautiful bougainvillea you posted and by mentioning my name. I do appreciate your friendship for that.

As this post above becomes an article in Tuetego, RR gives a comment:

"A Venezuelan poet and humorist named Aquiles Nazoa wrote a prose poem called "CREDO" which in one of his lines says: "I believe in friendship as the most beautiful invention of man". But you and I know from the Word of God that, although this poetic thought has its human value, the true and most frank teaching of friendship and models of friendship is contained in the Bible and that the best model of friendship is represented in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ. His expression of appreciation and friendship towards me is reciprocal. Beautiful and significant article in honor of bougainvillea and friendship."

His fellow Tueteger reacted. RR replied in Spanish: "Ah, si. Gracias. Esta foto la publiqué motivado por una similar que publicó Gil," (Oh yeah. Thank you. I published this photo motivated by a similar one that Gil published,)

How thoughtful RR is! I do appreciate his friendship. I saw his comment in one of my posts here. I commented back.

 "Thanks friend. I am so delighted that you have followed my blog post. I know you are a good man and I do like your Tuetego posts too. You are a man of God, I presume. Nice meeting you friend. Let's keep this thing going. Hope our friendship would remain even though we are acquainted in virtually but yet it would last if we want to."

 "Of course, let's try to remain united in friendship and brotherhood, and if we can not see ourselves now on this transient earthly plane, we will see ourselves with the Lord in Heaven in the rapture. For me it is also a pleasure to be able to establish friendship in social networks and other Internet spaces with the people of God," he assured.

That is how optimistic RR is, about our virtual friendship.


n.b. - Some parts of this article is posted in Tuetego under #Explorer2017, my username.


  1. This is an example that some of us are not in social networks or other means available on the Internet only for the few cents, euros, rubles, pounds, etc. gained by interacting and sharing our intellectual and artistic work with others. I am grateful, mainly for the heart of God's love for us, his children, and for you, for these lines in which he names me in honor of friendship. YHVH God continues to bless your life, with long life, health, happiness and prosperity in all your affairs and projects. Congratulations, friend and brother in Christ Jesus, our Lord and the hope of Glory. Good and good.

    1. That is very true. WE are united as a friend, as a brother in Christ. Our friendship grows because we have in common, that is, we have Jesus Christ as our Savior and Redeemer. And the unfeigned love of God gives us the greatest hope to believe in His Son, Jesus Christ and we are guided temporarily and spiritually. God bless, friend and a brother.


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