Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Crucial Moments in My Life

The following situations have tried my faith on giving, my generosity on one's need. But I am very sorry for I haven't satisfied one of it. I am terribly remorseful and downtrodden about it.

I have experience these two situations recently. This kind of situation is heart broken especially when you are kind hearted and generous. This is what had happened to me lately.

Blessed to Give

It is happy to give though you have only limited money on hand especially those in need.

This had happened to me on Monday. My wife and I were fetching our granddaughter at her Kinder School every school days. My wife went ahead with me. I followed her later. when I arrived I saw her leaning on one of the shade posts, playing game with her cellphone.

It's half an hour before the class dismissal of Inday Sophie. I took a walk towards the ambulant vendors outside the gate to see what I could eat. A child guardian named Joel walked along with me. He mumbled that he wanted to buy a viand for his lunch but his money is lacking. I sensed what he meant.

I went back to my wife and told her that if she had an extra money I wanted it to lend to Joel. My wife gave it to me and I give it to Joel. Joel received it with a grateful smile from his face.

That's the only money my wife had but she wanted to help. I said you have no more extra money.

"It's okay," she replied smiling.

When Nothing to Give

A certain friend came over to  our house and wanted to see me. I was at the laptop updating my online job. My wife told me that a man is looking at me outside. I got dressed for I am half-naked for I am not able to dress up after a day's brisk walking exercise.

It was Allan, my driver friend. He wanted to borrow money from me to pay his monthly utilities like water and electricity. He has no regular job. He owns a small eatery, catering to the students for their breakfast and lunch. At that time, he was run out of money.

I wanted to help him. I wanted to lend him money but it's so sad. I didn't have. I'm bankrupt indeed.

He went home nothing and I was deeply affected by it for I wasn't able to help him. It's really heart broken to unable to help someone in need like Allan.

As I saw him heading home, I wished and prayed that his needs would be met.

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