Wednesday, September 5, 2018

How Do I Find My Four Dead Siblings?

I work with the genealogy of my family as inspired by the Prophet Elijah by "turning the heart of the father to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers" (Malachi 4:6), In so doing I could bring salvation to their souls through baptism of the dead.

Since I was a kid, it's fixed in my mind that I was the youngest son of the 6 children of my parents, Hilarion Camporazo and Lorenza Iligan.

It's out of my mind that there were still more than 6 of us in our family. My late mother never ever told me about that. I have just learned it later when I worked my personal family lineage.

The Church has provided us of microfiche of records of births, deaths, and marriages particularly in our own locality or place. This is one of the projects of the Church microfilming those government registry in every town and city of our country for genealogical work of the Church member.

My family during the wake of my late father, Hilarion in 1980. (ltr) Cesar, Mecoy, Jaime,
Lorenza (our mother), Elesita, Eduardo, and Gilbor.

While reading the microfilm of our city's registry, I was surprised to find out that we're 10 in our family. There were twins, Gilda and Gilde who were still born and Julianito and Gerardo who died in their early age of dysentery. They're born before me. I couldn't help myself to weep of sorrow and gratefulness for without this genealogy I haven't known them.

So we're all in all 10 in the family. They are as follows Cesar (deceased), Julianito (deceased), Gerardo (deceased), Jaime (deceased), Elesita,  Mecoy, Gilde (deceased), Gilda (deceased), Eduardo, and Gilbor (me).

What a reunion I have with my four dead siblings! Because of genealogy, I was able to find them after 50 years from the registry record of our local government. I felt something strange while I read and scanned the record from a microfiche reader in our Family History room in the La Carlota chapel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Through the help of Sister Elenita D. Jayona, our Family History Specialist, everything was facilitated and I was able to find them.

Thank you, genealogy for I have found my other four dead siblings.

As of now. I am still working with our family tree. I try to reach to fourth generation if possible if I could.

image credits: kylo/unsplash/freephotos

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