Saturday, September 8, 2018

How Do I Get Out from Being Locked Up

I am not a magician nor a lock expert like Houdini. The following are my unforgettable experiences from being locked due to my negligence, lack of presence of mind or over confidence in three separate situations.

I have been locked up for three times. The latest is inside the public comfort room of the biggest mall in Asia. The previous was 38 years ago while I was inside the Church building while working early in the morning.

Locked Inside the Toilet

Yesterday  my son-in-law, my third elder daughter and I fetched my youngest son in his office late in the afternoon together with his wife. Before we went home, we dropped by ar the SM for a shopping. I was ahead of them. After the cashier tended my purchases, I proceeded to the CR outside. It's already past 7 in the evening. Nobody was around except me. I went inside, locked the door and finished my personal necessity. I opened the door. It couldn't. I banged it to get outside attention but nobody responded. I took my cellphone to call my youngest son. Alas! It's totally drained. I felt nervous. I manipulated the door latch several times. Click! It opened.

Locked Inside the Building

The first was when I was assigned as the Church sometime in 1980. It was Monday early morning. I entered the Church chapel by opening one of the building entrances fully secured by steel grills and then lock it to see to it nobody would enter while I am working inside for it's a big meetinghouse. I did my routine of cleaning the rooms used for Sunday classes and closed them one at a time when I'm done. It's the last room I'm cleaning the blackboard. Then I was done and locked ut. I checked the bunch of keys clipped to belt. They're gone. They're left inside the last room. I didn't want to break the door.

I proceeded to the entrance grill which I got entry. It's facing the street. I kept on watching whoever would pass I would call him and request to borrow the key of our Church Bishop. What a coincidence one of the male youth member passed by. I shouted at him that I was locked up and if possible get the key to our Bishop. He shouted that he's in hurry to go to school for he's already late. Well, I was sorry.

By and by the other grill entrance clanged I hurried up to check it. It's our Bishop who wanted to get his personal documents before going to school for he's a public elementary school teacher. I borrowed his master key and opened the room where I left the bunch of keys. I never told him that I locked it in the room. I went home ahead of him. My wife asked me why I came home too long to eat my breakfast. I told her everything and she felt sorry about it.

Locked Inside the Powerhouse

The secoond time I remember was in early 90s I was inside the powerhous toe outside the Church. I was fixing the 2.5 horepower motor to run the water supply distribution to the Church kitchen and comfort room when the door covered with mesh wire was locked from the inside by a 12-year old kid, member of the Church.

It was past 6 in the evening when I noticed that there was no water supply inside the kitchen. I went out and proceeded outside to check the source of the water. I found out that the motor inside the powerhouse was not functioning. A kid who was always keeping a company with me everytime I was on duty at night at the Church joined me. I opened the door of the powerhouse, went inside leaving the padlock opened. Suddenly I noticed the lock clang, The kid closed it and left alone me inside the powerhouse. I never minded it. I continued fixing the motor.

I was done. I tried to open the padlock from the inside but my hand couldn't let the key get out from the aperture of the meshed-wired door. I wasn't aware if the kid would could back for he told me that he's going to take his supper. I was crossing my finger that he would come back. It was already past 7 in the evening. The kid was no show. I didn't still hope for I know my son would be coming over if I couldn't go home on time for a dinner. I know his mother would send him to me.

By and by, I saw a shadow opening the gate, coming to where I am. It's the kid, heading hurriedly to the powerhouse. I reached to him the key. He opened the padlock. I opened the door. He handed me back the key. We went to our respective home. I didn't say any word to him.

Those were my unforgettable experiences which taught me to have always the presence of mind, not to be negligent and not to have over confidence to avoid those fearsome instances.

image credits: John Silvano/Unsplash/FreePhotos

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