Sunday, September 2, 2018

How the Scriptures Strengthen My Life

You may believe this or not. This is my personal testimony about the scriptures.

Every first Sunday of the month, we have the privilege to bear our personal testimony as member of the Church before the congregation on the truthfulness of the Gospel, the Divinity of Jesus Christ, the standards works of the Church (the scriptures), and on the faith-promoting experiences.

How the scriptures have strengthened me out of my 38 years membership of the Church and  how I have been helped,  I shared it based on the SCRIPTURES acronym in this first Sunday of the month of September 2018.


S. Seek ye and ye shall find. I followed what the scripture directs to delve into the veracity of the works and teachings of Jesus.

C. Come unto Christ. This is what I realized as I become helpless, hopeless for my negligence and sinful ways and attitude that I have to look for Jesus for a solution and remedy of any trials and challenges that come into my life.

R. Remember Jesus' atoning sacrifice. He died on the cross to redeem you and me from our sins. He was sent to us to fulfill the unfeigned love of our Heavenly Father.

I. Instill into the mind. Wherever we are, our mind is should be geared towards doing good, ministering to our brothers and sisters who poor and needy. That's to do the welfare service  love in action.

P. Pray. We never always forget tp kneel down to thank the Lord and to ask what we need. Let's remember that it's the spirit that teaches man to pray. It's the invaluable communication direct to our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ.

T. Testify. Testimony by practice is of three types: talking testimony, doing testimony, and thinking testimony. As we preach, share the Gospel to everyone is a form of talking testimony in line with missionary work. As we help the poor and the needy through the Church welfare program is a form of doing testimony. And thinking testimony is meditating the pure love of Father in heaven and the attributes of Jesus Christ.

U. Understand. There are so many ways to understand the scriptures such using the concordance, the commentaries from the General Church Authorities, or by attending Seminary and Institute Classes and studying the corresponding manuals.

R. Read. Read. Read. Rereading the scriptures one thousand and one times, more spiritual insights are discovered. The more we read the more we are filled with added and new knowledge for perfection is our eternal purpose

E. Endure to the end. Once we are baptized, we have to keep our baptism covenant until the Second Coming. We know we have come short of the glory of God but we should never dwindle in unbelief. To endure is to complete the spiritual goal of attaining the eternal matter what. It's our faith that works.

S. Then spiritually I was finally filled. Amen.

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