Saturday, September 15, 2018

'Knowing the Truth in Part, Not Right'

It is good to know God's revelation for our lives. This is the focus of the recent faculty Inservice training meeting with the Church CES coordinator Sony Deyro with the Seminary and Institute of Religion teachers from Bago Stake and La Carlota District of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

As the Bible says God reveals His secret to His prophets. Is their other possibilities that revelations may be made known to man?

Teaching Revelation for Our Lives

These volunteer teachers are to teach the principles and doctrines of the Church. In that day, they have learned that there are many instances or situations which God's revelations may be present or may be availed of.

Bro. Deyro showed them the 6 videos on "Revelation for the Church, Revelation for Our Lives" by President Russell M. Nelson, the new President of the Church. The videos were presented the various sources of revelations. Daily prayer is one. Meeting rooms are another one. Joseph Smith's pattern, spiritual ability, seeking knowledge and understanding, and learning to receive revelation.

Basic Learning Pattern

To be skillful and effective religion teacher, they should have to master the basic learning pattern. Thus, their students may learn and apply for themselves the principles and the doctrines of the Church. And their faith is strengthened and there is a mighty change in their hearts.

For a group dynamic, the teacher grouped themselves into 6 small group of 3 and selected a passage from the Doctrine and Covenants to be discussed by applying the basic learning pattern introduced to them.

'Knowing the Truth in Part, Not Right'

Our group is composed of Bro. Ringo Illorin, Seminary teacher in Pulupandan Ward, Bro. Angelito Paderes, Seminary teacher in La Castellana, and me, Institute teacher in La Carlota 1st branch volunteered to present our discussion in front.

We selected Doctrine and Covenants Section 49:2, "Behold, I say unto you, that they desire to know the truth in part, but not all, for they are not right before me and must needs repent."

Bro. Illorin tackled the first pattern: "Unerstand the context and content." Bro. Paderes expounded the next pattern: "Understand the meaning of the doctrine and principle". And I explained 2 patterns, "Feel the truth of the principle or doctrine through the  influence of the spirit," and "Apply doctrines and principles"

Citing the situation of Leman Copley, a new convert in the said revelation. He left the Church due to the half truth he nurtured about the Church due to his former Church affiliation false teachings. In reality, there are members of the Church who possess that kind of mentality and attitude due to the following factors, such as missionary convert,  member convert, and Church program convert.

As what the Lord revealed to Joseph Smith, Copley should repent. Yes, repentance is making oneself remorseful of his misdeeds or unbelief and coming back to his true faith. Another one is by praying and ministering, finding those lost sheep and bringing them back to the fold of the Father in Heaven.

image credits: simon/pixabay/COO Creative Commons/PublicDomain

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