Tuesday, September 11, 2018

What To Do When Life Becomes 'Dark and Dreary'?

[Disclaimer: This is more on the spiritual point of view. We may differ from our faith, belief and religion. Just let's respect each other. There's nothing to argue about. Just take this as an additional information of what you have had right now.]

You and I have the priorities in like like the mission,vision or ambition so to speak. These things may include family, love life, studies, business, among others.

There are times that we are indecisive of being confused and couldn’t make an appropriate decision on what to do, This is brought about by our life’s conflict. Is there a way for getting out of this mess in our life?

While I was sitting in the pews with my family, listening to our Church leader speaking before us in our Sacrament meeting, I heard him quoting a verse from the Bible (King James Version), telling us what we should do to relieve us from our challenges or trials of any form of our life.

Words of Christ

This verse says, “… feast upon the words of Christ; for behold, the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do.” (2 Ne. 32:3, Book of Mormon) Since I brought along with me the scripture, I opened it, read and pondered about it. I was prompted myself to ask this question: “Have I failed to read the scriptures regularly?”

We are aware that problems are abounding from a day-in to day-out. Depending on the situations, solutions couldn’t be reached right away. Everything seems to be stressful as problems piled up unresolved. Thus, life becomes “dark and dreary”, dull, frustrating and others claim it as worthless of living because no solution is found at hand.

“Why not prove it? Give time for reading Christ’s words from the scriptures?” I realize that this is not only worth trying but it should be done. You may or you may not believe it. But it’s worth a try. Why not prove it by yourself that scripture has the answer?

If you don't a scripture on hand, you may access it from the Internet. But for those who have them, whatever version it is, why not start reading it and reflect on what you read to your life especially when in a distress or in a trouble.


n.b. - a repost from my original post in Blogbourne. Source:
published July 31, 2016

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