Thursday, September 13, 2018

Why Little Thing Means a Lot?

Small could be great. Is it possible? I would be sharing my personal experience here what I did which seemed to negligible but yet it had a great impact as far as service is concerned. I couldn't refuse or neglect of doing such deed.

In every little thing we do, something big is achieved. Something big is satisfied. Something big shared. This reminds of the of short and concise wise saying  of an ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu. It says, "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

I am correlating this to what I have done with the thought in mind that a small thing I have made that day is great enough for the one that I have helped. It's simple thing for I know it means nothing. I have never realized that something would happen inexplicably.  Something is awesome and something is worth remembering by. Good deeds are deserving. They are worth doing, expecting nothing in return.

The Fool of Me.

I remember sometime in the late 80s while I was cleaning one of the classrooms in the Church building where I was working as a custodian. I cleaned the blackboard of the writings. I swept the concrete floor to remover the dust. I folded the steel folding chairs and placed them in one side of the room. I dusted the jalousy window and closing it.

I was about to leave the room. I saw something moving in one of the closed jalousy. I came over and saw a yellow, small butterfly trying to get out from the window. First I observed it carefully, watched how the tiny insect is trying itself to get out.

"What a fool I am", I thought for myself. How could it get out for the jalousy is closed! How it could manage to free itself for it too small, too weak, too infirm to get through or break the glass! I brushed that foolishness off.

I opened the jalousy the tiny butterfly gets out. It is free. It flies happily, alighting to and fro to some of the leaves of the flowers outside the building until it is nowhere to be found.

Something Good. Something Wonderful

I felt something inside me. Something of happiness which I could readily explain. Then I remember our weaknesses, our helplessness of being a sinful individual. We couldn't help ourselves to free us from our sins, unless there is Someone who stand before us to move us out of the quagmire of sinfulness. It's good and I know that Jesus is the One who could do that for us. And He did by offering His life for us to redeem from our sins.

The small thing we do to our brothers and sisters who are poor and needy is great enough in serving our God.

image credits: Krzysztof Niewolny/unsplash/free photos


  1. Hi Gil, I have come to your blog since Tuetego, and I am delighted to read this article. Your writing is very good, I like it, it is not simple because it is expressive in content, but clear, poetic and pleasant to read. I congratulate you. YHVH God continue to bless you.

    Raúl Reyes (@ralrey en Tuetego)

    1. Thanks friend. I am so delighted that you have followed my blog post. I know you are a good man and I do like your Tuetego posts too. You are a man of God, I presume. Nice meeting you friend. Let's keep this thing going. Hope our friendship would remain as ever though we are acquainted in virtually but yet it would last if we want to.


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