Thursday, November 22, 2018

Nakitakona's ForumCoin Achievement

Greatly elated, I am, a.k.a Nakitakona upon receiving a humble recognition from Forum Coin of my achievement. OldGuy, the community moderator posted this in FC Achievement in one of the pages in Forum Coin. This achievement manifests my active participation in the said site for period of 3 years.

By the way, ForumCoin is an online currency in which the member earns simply and easily by participating on the forum like posting articles to various topics and interacting with other forum member's post. It is simple as that, no complicated mining required.

The ForumCoin earned could buy and sell goods and services and exchange for traditional, real world currencies. Its objective is to become a new world currency, that you can use to purchase anything from apples to zoo tickets.

ForumCoin Achievement

Nakitakona is my username used in ForumCoin. I joined the site on October 27, 2015. I have reached the milestone post in 1,122 days as of November 21, 2018. I am one of the 111 members who have contributed more than 1,000 posts and one of the 74 who have been members longer than 1,000 days.

With that record of achievement, I am so elated and happy. This humble recognition I have received from ForumCoin is a sincere thoughtfulness from FC. It is one way of making us to believe and support ForumCoin that they really care for us as a part of their success.

Maraming salamat, OldGuy and Fergal, the admin. (Thank you very much, OldGuy and Fergal, the admin.)

More power to ForumCoin!


Are you interested to join? Feel free to click the image below to register to ForumCoin.

Good luck! See you there.

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