Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Are Monkeys Trickier Than Man?

(The following is my reaction or comment to a particular thread in the ForumCoin about the picture which requires a caption. Instead of writing a caption, I post this as a short of discussion on what I have learned about the monkey. Thus, supporting the statement that monkeys are wiser than the man. This is also reposted to my Tuetego page.)

Though, we belong to the highest kind of animal for we have a superior knowledge when compared to other animals especially the monkey.

We are intelligent for the knowledge we acquired and even some of us are born with an excellent intelligence.

When compared to animals under our kingdom of animalia, we are the rational being. We know what is right. We know how to determine the wrong from the right. We have a wisdom which goes even beyond. We have the power to judge and to condemn our fellow being.

But nevertheless, our wisdom doesn't work when we are to deal with the monkeys. Chimpanzee has a better intelligence as compared to other monkeys. It is being trained to do some tricks, to do some ordinary or routine task in which man is capable to do like basketball, riding on a bicycle, standing on a rolling ball, among others.

The two monkeys are the typical species what I am talking about. They are amused and wondering why we failed, we stumbled, we came short to every undertakings we have. You don't that they were amused of their caretaker who slipped and rolled after he stepped on a banana peel which these monkeys threw after they have eaten it.

You see that's how a picture is worth a thousand words. Not a picture is a thousand words. Be careful of what you have written for a single wrong choice of word, wrong grammar, and even spelling may mean different thing. Thus, misinterpretation, misunderstanding is the result. Be wise as monkey but intelligent as you are.

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