Thursday, December 20, 2018

Christmas Belen Radiates More Joy Among La Carloteños

Nativity of Jesus or the Nativity which depicts the humble birth of Jesus in the stable of cattle in the City of Bethlehem becomes the very symbol of the great love of Heavenly Father. It could be easily understood and appreciated by the kids when it is played in a tableau.

Christmas Belen
Christmas Belen
Our local government finds it practical to put up Christmas Belen rather that Santa Claus with his reindeers and gifts, snow or Christmas tree which they couldn't be found here in our country. Instead, the prefer to have that Christmas Belen.

Christmas Belen is one of the Filipino traditions, in which the school children used to play it during their Christmas Party in a form of a tableau. Baby Jesus in a doll wrapped with white cloth placed in a pasungan, and kids take the role of Mother Mary, Father Joseph, the shepherds, the Magi, animals in the stable and angels are the usual scene in this Nativity.

The tableau is in one-act play with the narration of the Nativity scene from the Bible according to the gospel of Luke and Matthew.

La Carlota Christmas Belen

Our small city of La Carlota had launched this Christmas Belen contest sometime in the month of December 2013 for the first time. It's not a tableau but the miniature of the Nativity scene and it has been carried again this year 2018.

This year's winner is Barangay La Granja, named as the champion in Belen Contest with a cash prize of Php10,000 given to them  by the City. There were only 9 contestants joined this year's contest.

In 2013, Belen Contest, it was Barangay Balabag that won the best Belen out of 12 barangays that participated the said contest.

La Carlota Christmas Belen Contest Winner

Barangay La Granja 2018 Winner
Barangay La Granja 2018 Winner

Barangay Balabag 2013 Winner
Barangay Balabag 2013 Winner

In 2013, the Christmas Belen of every barangay was put up along the footwalk at the back of the Pax Academy perimeter fence. While this year 2018, it was set up surrounding the water fountain in front the public plaza.

The people of La Carlota are optimistic that it would be carried to the following year thereafter,.

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