Thursday, December 27, 2018

ForumCoin Achievement in 2018

Making 3,000 posts and reaching 3 years in membership in ForumCoin are something to be happy and proud about it especially this 27th Day of October.

I have reached my 3 years of membership in ForumCoin, an online community wherein a member could be paid by ForumCoin by making posts and by referring others.

ForumCoin is a virtual currency that could be used to buy goods and services and to exchange for traditional, real world currencies.

Upon reaching the 27th day of October of this year 2018, that marks my 3rd year of involvement in the said site I had joined in 2015, I am so grateful for the site has helped me in my extra earnings to defray my monthly utility bills including my Internet subscription. Nakitakona is my username there.

3rd Year Anniversary in ForumCoin

Another achievement I have made is having 3,000 posts. OldGuy, the FC community moderator acknowledged that by congratulating me and made a separate post in FC Achievements thread.

ForumCoin Achievement in 2018

How ForumCoin works?

ForumCoin pays their users who post on various forums with their respective rates such as:

  • General Chat - Off Topic: 1.0 ForumCoin per topic and per post
  • CGT - Computers, Gaming & Technology : 1.0 ForumCoin per topic and per post
  • Webmaster Questions, Discussion & News: 1.5 ForumCoin per topic and per post
  • Business, Money & Wealth - BMW Forum: 1.5 ForumCoin per topic and per post
  • New Member Introductions: 1.5 ForumCoin per topic and 1 ForumCoin per post
  • Articles & Tutorials: Up to 150 ForumCoin per topic and 1 ForumCoin per post
  • Posts in other forum sections also reward ForumCoin, but in smaller amounts, generally 0.25 to 2 ForumCoin per post and per topic.

Members could also earn from the products and services from the said site like ForumCoin Classifieds & Exchange forum section, and by posting article to Articles and Tutorial section, which pays 150 ForumCoin.

No Posts Limitation

There is no limit for the members to post everyday except the first 10 posts made would be receiving more pay.

How Earnings Are Paid?

The users are paid through their PayPal account after they make a cashout or payment request from the admin. Payment is sent within 72 hours or 3 days, but usually it is sent sooner.

Are you interested? 

What are you waiting for? To register, click this: ForumCoin.

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