Monday, January 28, 2019

Three Essential Skills for a Good School Manager

While reading I have come across with these three essential skills for a good school manager to have in discharging his duties and responsibilities effectively.

Seal Excellence Award for our school
Seal Excellence Award for our school
Katz, as cited by Dr. Romeo J. Yarcia of Dupax del Norte, Nueva Vizcaya in "Human Skills of a School Manager" (The Herald, March-April 1998), presented three essentials skills that a good School Manager must possess. They are technical skills, human skills, and conceptual skills.

Dr. Yarcia noted that technical skills involve competency in dealing with things, human skills have to do with one's skill in dealing with people and conceptual skills concern itself with looking at the whole organization. He said that one basic requirement for a manager is to have a working relationship with his subordinates in order to attain the systems, goals and objectives. It is where human relationship is needed by the school and administrator.

Human relations, according to Yarcia, is not simply behaving courteously so that people will like you, but it is also knowing how to handle difficult problems when they arise. It is learning to work well under demanding unfair superiors. It is dealing effectively with conflict It is understanding yourself and how to communicate with others. It is building and maintaining long-term relationships with family, friends, co-workers and subordinates as well as supervisors. It is knowing how to restore a working relationship that has deteriorated. It is learning to live with your frustrations without hurting others or jeopardizing your own career. It is communicating the right kind of attitude during meetings, conferences, seminars and the like. It is building and maintaining relationships in many directions with many kinds of people in both good and bad working environments.

Following are reasons, according to Chapman (1987) as cited by Yarcia, in having a positive attitude which is essential to career success:

1. When you are positive, you are usually more energetic, highly motivated, productive and alert.
2. First impression is important to the job because they often have a lasting effect.
3. A positive person contributes to the productivity of others.
4. Co-workers and subordinates like you when you are positive.
5. The kind of attitude you submit top management will have a great deal to do with your future success.

In keeping positive attitude when things get tough, Chapman suggested the following:

1. Build a more positive attitude in one environment and you will be more successful on another.
2. Talk about positive things. Be complimentary. Negative commitments are seldom welcomed by fellow workers on the job.
3. Look for the good things in the people you work with, especially your superior. Nobody is perfect, but almost everybody has a few worthwhile qualities.
4. Look for the good things in your organization. If you concentrate on the good things, the negative factors may seem less important.
5. Don't permit a fellow worker or even a superior who has a negative attitude to trap you into his way of thinking.

Yarcia concluded that a school administrator is reasonable in managing his subordinates in such a manager that they achieve the aims of the school system. He can do this by developing in him and his teachers good public relations, and especially a positive attitude.

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